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UPDATE: 2,300 SCHOOLS AND 1,400,000 KIDS!

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img_7930My BULLY PREVENTION VIDEO PACKAGE is now being used by 2,300 schools, which represents nearly 1,400,000 elementary and middle school students, and the number is growing DAILY.

I can’t tell you how thrilled, and proud, I am!

For those of you who are not yet familiar with my offer…

  • If you are a Teacher, Principal, Superintendent, or Counselor, please take a look at my package. You will not regret it.
  • If you are a Student or Parent and would like to see a bully prevention program in your school that your kids actually love and connect with, ask your school to order my package.
  • If you are an organization that wants a great, fun, interactive, and effective bully prevention program for your kids, I encourage you to take a look at my package.
  • If you have any questions about my program, contact me at lizzie@nobodyhasthepowertoruinyourday.com.

image003My package is CATCHING ON FIRE! What are you waiting for?

If you have not yet heard about my offer, please go to my SIGN UP PAGE and watch my TWO MINUTE CLIP now! No strings.

Have an incredible day! 😀



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Many children will encounter bullying at school for the first time this fall, and parents are often at a loss about how to respond. WSJ's Sue Shellenbarger joins Lunch Break and explains when and how should a parent should approach a teacher if their child is being bullied.

Many children will encounter bullying at school for the first time this fall, and parents are often at a loss about how to respond. WSJ’s Sue Shellenbarger joins Lunch Break and explains when and how should a parent should approach a teacher if their child is being bullied.


By Sue Shellenbarger | Wall Street Journal | September 13, 2016

Of all the challenges that school brings for students and their parents, one of the most unwelcome and worrying is bullying.

Bullying starts as early as first grade and peaks in middle school. About 1 in 5 students report being bullied each year, and figuring out how to respond is difficult. A parent’s first impulse—whether to fly into a rage and call the bully’s parents or dismiss the whole thing as “kid stuff”—is not necessarily the right path.

There is new understanding of bullying as a complex, multifarious problem that doesn’t lend itself to one-size-fits-all responses. Educators and psychologists are placing more emphasis on teaching students coping skills, encouraging children to tell adults when they’re bullied, and having parents work with teachers and school administrators to resolve problems.  READ MORE


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There’s an organization in St. Louis that’s doing incredible work and making a difference by helping break the cycle of hate in our world. They’re called HateBrakers and they’ve begun their search to find nominees for their 5th Annual Hero Awards in 2017! Do you know someone that you feel should be nominated for this award?

Learn more about HateBrakers.org, this incredible honor, and nominate your hatebraker today!


“The search has begun for HateBraker Heroes for our 5th Annual Hero Awards honoring Victims (targets) bystanders (witnesses), and perpetrators of acts of hate–from bullying, abuse, cyber-hate, violence to genocide–to become leaders, healers and heroes. The fifth celebration will be a big one, so we’re getting into gear early.
Go to Hatebraker.org for details on how to nominate a hero you know.”  -HateBrakers

Violence Against Women – Let’s Stop It At The Start

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Children repeat, and grow up to become, what they see. BE a good example!

Incredible video (“Violence Against Women – Let’s Stop It At The Start“) and article (“DO AS I SAY, AND AS I DO“) Excerpt:

“From the age of about 9 or 10 to the early teenage years, children are completely immersed in family life. Family decisions, parents’ attitudes, whether they stop to help a stranger or break the speed limit when driving – all of this absorbed by children like the process of osmosis. While we often think our attitudes and behaviours come from values that we decide or feelings in our heart, they are actually an imprint on our brain that is shaped by family and patterned by experiences. This imprint becomes part of how we think, an automatic template that guides our reactions in everyday situations. …”


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Old Bonhomme Elementary kids

So proud of these students at OLD BONHOMME ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!

They will be honored tonight at the Fourth Annual HateBraker Hero Awards for defending someone who was a victim of hate at their school – they are hate brakers.

Read their story HERE – http://fox2now.com/2016/02/01/students-demonstrate-outside-school-in-support-of-crossing-guard-victimized-by-racial-taunts/

I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO VISITING Old Bonhomme Elementary this afternoon, talking about bully prevention, and reinforcing the importance of growing up in an atmosphere of harmony, kindness and respect of one another.

Together, we will take a stand to Hit The Brakes On Hate!


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IT STARTED OUT as a concept… With Butterfly as my inspiration, I created a bully prevention assembly for grades 3 through 8, and offered to take it to California elementary and middle schools for 2 weeks in October of 2013, during National Anti-Bullying Month. Hundreds of requests turned 2 weeks into 2 months, all across California.

Word caught on and my tour quickly evolved into 2 years, 350 schools, and several states across our Lakeside JH Tyler copyenormous, amazing country. This meant traveling to 3-5 schools per day, 4-5 days per week, personally hugging every child (my favorite part), giving wristbands and signing autographs!

Those two years visiting schools was the most challenging, and rewarding, thing I have ever done! I made many sacrifices along the way, but would do it again if I could, because of the enormous outpour of love and appreciation, messages, letters, and more that I have received (and continue to receive) from kids, parents, teachers, and schools alike.

And since my tour, I have continued to devote myself to bringing positivity and bully prevention to children everywhere.

nhtptrydI would love to visit every school in America, but I simply cannot. So, I formed an non-profit organization and created a fun, interactive, professionally produced video that tracks my live assembly, and am offering it to schools at NO COST. So far, by word of mouth, we have received over 1,000 requests (representing more than 600,000 children across all 50 states). We ultimately hope to reach every child in every school in America and beyond!

But NO COST to schools doesn’t mean that there are no costs to accomplish this…

Please help me provide my NOBODY HAS THE POWER TO RUIN YOUR DAY Bully Prevention DVD and Teacher Curriculum Booklet to schools everywhere by donating via GreatGive’s amazing 24-hour fundraiser on May 3.

How to do it:

Thank you so much!



Are you a corporation and/or would you like to play a larger, continued role in sponsoring my bully prevention cause? For info about my 501(c)(3) Foundation, nobodyhasthepowertoruinyourday.org, and our sponsorship packages, please email info@nobodyhasthepowertoruinyourday.org.

#GreatGive16  GreatGiveFlorida.org   Great Give Florida on Facebook  GiveLocalAmerica


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Great Give square banner image

On May 3, 2016, from midnight to midnight, NOBODY HAS THE POWER TO RUIN YOUR DAY is participating in THE GREAT GIVE, a 24-hour online giving event led by the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties, United Way of Palm Beach County and United Way of Martin County. Great Give 2016 is designed to raise as much money as possible for local nonprofits in just one day as part of a nation-wide program called Give Local America.

Every dollar donated to NOBODY HAS THE POWER TO RUIN YOUR DAY will enable more elementary and middle schools to participate in Lizzie’s Bully Prevention Program. Through NOBODY HAS THE POWER TO RUIN YOUR DAY, at no cost to schools, Lizzie has already performed her bully prevention assembly, live, at over 350 schools for more than 150,000 students, throughout America. And, to reach even more students and schools, the Foundation is creating a dynamic and interactive professionally produced 30 minute video, in Palm Beach County, featuring Lizzie, that closely tracks the content of her live assembly. This video is being offered to schools at NO COST, along with a wristband for each child and a curriculum booklet for the teachers with questions for follow up in the classroom. As of April 1, 2016, over 1,000 schools representing more than 650,000 students have requested this package. Your donation to NOBODY HAS THE POWER TO RUIN YOUR DAY will help share Lizzie’s message of positivity and bully prevention with children, everywhere!

Please consider donating to NOBODY HAS THE POWER TO RUIN YOUR DAY through www.GreatGiveFlorida.org on May 3:

Thank you in advance for your donation; it is greatly appreciated!

♦ ♦ ♦




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Kids don’t choose to grow up in a mean or belittling environment or become mean themselves. They would choose happiness, peace and harmony. But they do need our example and guidance, and relatable tools they will embrace that remind them of the importance of being kind to others.

We had a great assembly at KELLY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, and made some lasting memories! (click photo to enlarge)

And, very soon, I look forward to sharing my “Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day” Bully Prevention DVD Package with schools everywhere!


Letters and drawings from Kelly Elementary School asking me to visit their school.


Behind the scenes – my “green room” with beautiful and TASTY treats! Thank you, Kelly!


My green room door with none other than… John Jacobson and his incredible Music Express Magazine!


One of my awesome new friends, Brianna.


Kids singing Butterfly before the assembly!

nobody has the power to ruin your day at kelly school

Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day!

The high powered and very expressive teacher band lead by Mr. Eugene.

The high powered and very expressive teacher band lead by Mr. Eugene.

My awesome student band!

My awesome student band!

butterfly wings during Butterfly!

Butterfly wings during Butterfly!


Visiting and hugs after the assembly 🙂


Making memories at Kelly 😀