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Life With Lizzie Ep. 3: North Carolina School Tour – Behind the Scenes!

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Here it is…. Life With Lizzie Episode 3! Taking you behind the scenes on my NC School Tour!

Life With Lizzie Ep. 3: North Carolina School Tour – Behind The Scenes! April 2017. “Nobody has the power to ruin your day!”


Anti-bullying country pop star to perform in Lewisville (Journal West)

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Thanks Jenny for this awesome article! SO pumped for North Carolina!!! #NHTPTRYD #Butterfly #schooltour #ontheroadagain

Anti-bullying country pop star to perform in Lewisville

By Jenny Drabble Winston-Salem Journal

April 18, 2017

Photo by Warren Starks. Lizzie seen here with students in Chico, CA. She will perform at an anti-bullying rally in Lewisville.

When Lizzie Sider was in elementary school, she was bullied relentlessly and came home crying almost every day.

Now a country pop star, the 18-year-old is sharing her story through music in the hopes of ending bullying for good.

“It was really hard, but ultimately it was the words of my dad telling me ‘Nobody has the power to get you down’ that got me through it,” she said. “I wanted to spread that message to others.”

The Florida-born recording artist is the founder of an anti-bullying campaign, “Nobody Has the Power to Ruin Your Day,” and has traveled to more than 350 schools around the country to spread the message.

The 18-year-old will venture to elementary schools in Yadkin County April 26 to speak about bullying before headlining an evening concert at Shallowford Square in Lewisville.

The concert, which is free and open to the public, will begin at 6 p.m.

“I’m really pumped to come to North Carolina,” Sider said. “It’s been such an eye-opening experience to travel to different areas and perform and talk to the kids.”

Andy Lester-Niles, principal at Vienna Elementary School, said a former colleague of his helped facilitate the concert in Lewisville, and he’s excited to see the community come together.

“My first thought was, ‘Wow, this is awesome,’” he said. “She has a great message, and I think it will be a very fun family-friendly concert.”

Sider’s anti-bullying message is parallel to the one they use at Vienna, Lester-Niles said, and as a father, her platform is one that hits home.

“One thing I really like about her is empowerment for girls and realizing phrases like ‘hit like a girl’ or ‘run like a girl’ are a positive,” Lester-Niles said. “This event really is a win-win.”

Sider performed in her first musical when she was 6 and has been singing and playing the piano ever since. About 8 years ago, she picked up guitar, which she plays in several of her songs.

A songwriter since the age of 9, Sider said she used music as an outlet for the pain of being bullied. In 2011, “Butterfly” was released as her debut single, climbing into the Top 40 on the Music Row Country Chart with more than 1 million YouTube views.

“In a way, we’re all butterflies,” she said. “No matter what we go through, we really do have those wings and colors and unique parts about us just waiting to be released that can set us free.”

The “I Love You That Much” singer has performed concerts across the country and opened for many singers, including American country group Gloriana and Australian country singer Jamie O’Neal.

Sider has sung the national anthem for teams such as the Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles and has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, The Queen Latifah Show and Fox & Friends.

She was also named one of CMA Close-Up Magazine’s “Artists To Watch” and a “Top 5 Female Country Newcomer.”

But Sider said what brings her most joy is using her passion for music to help others.

“Music is such a unique angle to attack (bullying) from,” she said. “It’s such a powerful way to connect with people, and it keeps it interactive and fun.”

In 2013, the Florida native kicked off her anti-bullying campaign with a two-month stint in California, sharing her story at more than 80 schools.

Sider created a DVD and workbook for bullying prevention — both of which are distributed for free to elementary and middle schools — that have reached more than 2 million students.

Sider said her parents have been her biggest inspiration and supported her in her journey to help mold future generations.

“My parents have taught me you can’t control what anybody else does or says, but you can control how you internalize it,” she said. “I really hope the kids come away with positivity and encouragement that they’re not alone.”

jdrabble@wsjournal.com (336) 727-7204




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By Fox2Now

POSTED 9:10 AM, MAY 3, 2016, BY STAFF WRITER, UPDATED AT 09:07AM, MAY 3, 2016

The Hatebraker Hero Awards honors people with moral courage who transcend acts of hate to become leaders and healers. The awards were handed out Monday night at the Hilton St. Louis Frontenac.

Singer and songwriter Lizzie Sider, a 2014 Hatebraker Hero honoree, visits Fox 2 News in the morning to discuss the ceremony.

Watch Fox2Now’s video clip of my interview and performance



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Just by looking at the hallway, you can tell how fun Old Bonhomme Elementary was! Not only did we all sing “Butterfly,” but the awesome Mr. Kelly happened to be wearing a STAR WARS t-shirt… which, of course, inspired an impromptu STAR WARS theme song sing-a-long!!! “Dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnn dun!”

Later that night, students from Old Bonhomme accepted their Hatebraker Hero honor at the Fourth Annual HateBraker Hero Awards ceremony.

IMG_1149 Old Bonhomme Elem

Butterfly at Old Bonhomme Elem.

IMG_1110 Old Bonhomme students at Hatebraker awards



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IT STARTED OUT as a concept… With Butterfly as my inspiration, I created a bully prevention assembly for grades 3 through 8, and offered to take it to California elementary and middle schools for 2 weeks in October of 2013, during National Anti-Bullying Month. Hundreds of requests turned 2 weeks into 2 months, all across California.

Word caught on and my tour quickly evolved into 2 years, 350 schools, and several states across our Lakeside JH Tyler copyenormous, amazing country. This meant traveling to 3-5 schools per day, 4-5 days per week, personally hugging every child (my favorite part), giving wristbands and signing autographs!

Those two years visiting schools was the most challenging, and rewarding, thing I have ever done! I made many sacrifices along the way, but would do it again if I could, because of the enormous outpour of love and appreciation, messages, letters, and more that I have received (and continue to receive) from kids, parents, teachers, and schools alike.

And since my tour, I have continued to devote myself to bringing positivity and bully prevention to children everywhere.

nhtptrydI would love to visit every school in America, but I simply cannot. So, I formed an non-profit organization and created a fun, interactive, professionally produced video that tracks my live assembly, and am offering it to schools at NO COST. So far, by word of mouth, we have received over 1,000 requests (representing more than 600,000 children across all 50 states). We ultimately hope to reach every child in every school in America and beyond!

But NO COST to schools doesn’t mean that there are no costs to accomplish this…

Please help me provide my NOBODY HAS THE POWER TO RUIN YOUR DAY Bully Prevention DVD and Teacher Curriculum Booklet to schools everywhere by donating via GreatGive’s amazing 24-hour fundraiser on May 3.

How to do it:

Thank you so much!



Are you a corporation and/or would you like to play a larger, continued role in sponsoring my bully prevention cause? For info about my 501(c)(3) Foundation, nobodyhasthepowertoruinyourday.org, and our sponsorship packages, please email info@nobodyhasthepowertoruinyourday.org.

#GreatGive16  GreatGiveFlorida.org   Great Give Florida on Facebook  GiveLocalAmerica



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Kids don’t choose to grow up in a mean or belittling environment or become mean themselves. They would choose happiness, peace and harmony. But they do need our example and guidance, and relatable tools they will embrace that remind them of the importance of being kind to others.

We had a great assembly at KELLY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, and made some lasting memories! (click photo to enlarge)

And, very soon, I look forward to sharing my “Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day” Bully Prevention DVD Package with schools everywhere!


Letters and drawings from Kelly Elementary School asking me to visit their school.


Behind the scenes – my “green room” with beautiful and TASTY treats! Thank you, Kelly!


My green room door with none other than… John Jacobson and his incredible Music Express Magazine!


One of my awesome new friends, Brianna.


Kids singing Butterfly before the assembly!

nobody has the power to ruin your day at kelly school

Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day!

The high powered and very expressive teacher band lead by Mr. Eugene.

The high powered and very expressive teacher band lead by Mr. Eugene.

My awesome student band!

My awesome student band!

butterfly wings during Butterfly!

Butterfly wings during Butterfly!


Visiting and hugs after the assembly 🙂


Making memories at Kelly 😀



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  • Kelly Elementary kids learn to express themselves without fear of being judged.

By Frances Moody – Jackson Hole News & Guide – March 2, 2016

Kelly Elementary School students shed their metaphorical cocoons Thursday as they danced to a song performed by Lizzie Sider.

Parading around the school’s gym, the kids, who were also joined by a few students from Wilson Elementary, learned to be unafraid to sing as loud as possible or to dance in a crazy and fun style.

Their fearlessness was the point of Sider’s visit. The 17-year-old from Florida was there to talk about anti-bullying and to tell kids it’s OK for them to be themselves.

Wearing bracelets etched with Sider’s message, “No one has the power to ruin your day,” the students listened to “Butterfly,” which also has an anti-bullying theme.

“They thought they knew me, plain and shy/But all along I was a butterfly,” Sider’s lyrics go.
Fifth-grader Kate Budge said Sider’s message was inspiring to hear in person.

Kate and her schoolmates have known about Sider’s message for a long time because they have been singing her song in music class for months.

In fact, their love of “Butterfly” is why Sider was at Kelly Elementary School on Thursday.

The students wrote letters to Sider, asking the singer to perform at their school.

Kate said her letter was about how upset she was when she didn’t get into an after-school program. She felt inadequate and judged by her friends. Then she learned something from Sider’s song.

“Her song ‘Butterfly’ really inspired me,” Kate said. “It let me know I will become an amazing human being, even if I’m not in the program.”

When the fifth-grader saw Sider perform she realized that Sider had another message for her. Kate has decided to stick up for her classmate Patrick Ream, who sometimes gets bullied.

“There are definitely people who are mean to Patrick, and I don’t feel like that’s OK,” Kate said.
Although Patrick doesn’t feel like kids are mean to him, he was so happy to know that Sider read his letter. He said he didn’t remember what he wrote, but Sider did.

The singer carried the letters with her to Kelly Elementary School. Patrick’s wrote that she should visit the school because it has an ice rink.

Unfortunately, Sider sprained her ankle when ice skating the day before the concert and wasn’t able to experience the school’s rink.

“But the fact that I had a little ankle situation going on didn’t stop me from coming,” Sider said.

The singer was able to perform her song and make some lasting relationships with the kids who look up to her. One child she connected with was Brianna Clancy, who cried tears of joy when she talked about meeting Sider.

“I was so excited, because I got to meet a star that actually is awesome,” Brianna said.

The fourth-grader said Sider’s song and the conversation she had with Sider taught her about strength, which is something she has needed recently.

Brianna has been fighting pediatric brain cancer, which she said has been very difficult for her.
After talking with Sider, who overcame bullying, Brianna felt reminded that people can conquer some big issues.

Sider said Brianna is the real inspiration, and she is glad to have met her.

“I was talking to her before the assembly,” Sider said. “She kept coming back to say hi. I’ve never seen eyes so bright.”

After the concert ended, kids flocked around Sider, giving her hugs and asking for her signature.

To them, the performance made one thing clear: Their school is full of some amazing students that need support from one another.

Like Sider, Kate was reminded of how wonderful Brianna is after Brianna joined Sider on stage.

“Brianna truly is one of the most amazing and strongest people I have ever met,” Kate said. “She is always the most cheery person. I don’t think we have ever been in a fight that has ever mattered, because she is such a nice person.”


Contact Frances Moody at 305-732-7079 or schools@jhnewsandguide.com.

More about Brianna Clancy
ARTICLE: Brianna’s Brave Battle
ARTICLE: Stingrays show their strength
ARTICLE: Clancy breaks 30-year-old record in Bozeman



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nhtptrydSo excited to revive my “Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day” LIVE tour by bringing it to Kelly Elementary School in beautiful Kelly, Wyoming! Looking forward to having a great day with Moran, Wilson, and Kelly Elementary Schools.

  • Kelly Elementary School – February 25, 2016

#JacksonHole #NobodyHasThePowerToRuinYourDay  #NHTPTRYD #Butterfly #LikeAGirl



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by: Pedro Heizer, The Boca Raton Tribune

When Lizzie Sider first stepped foot into the Jackson Hole Playhouse at the age of 5 to see her first-ever play, her whole life changed.

“I fell in love with everything going on on the stage,” says the 17-year-old music star from Boca Raton. “I knew that’s what I wanted to do; I wanted to be the person that interacted with the audience like that.”

At the age of six, Sider returned to the Jackson Hole Playhouse in Wyoming, this time however, for a Children’s Theater Camp. “They would teach you the basics of theater,” Sider recalls. “I attribute my love for performing to that playhouse, for sure.”

Sider and her parents would continue to make the trip to Jackson Hole yearly and Sider would Lizzie-Sider-4continue returning to the Jackson Hole Theater Camp until Lizzie turned 12 years old.

“My parents and I sat down and said ‘we have a pretty good voice here, let’s see where this can take us,’” explained Sider. However, it was after her first trip to Nashville, at the age of 13, that “everything changed”.

Sider connected with some of the heavy-hitters of the country music world and began to talk to the about possible songs.

In the summer of 2011, Sider wrote her debut single “Butterfly”, where she collaborated with hitmaker, Jamie O’Neal.

The song has a deep personal meaning to Sider, as she was the target of bullying from kindergarten until the 4th grade. “I was a normal kid,” explains Sider. “I was always happy, and nice to everyone. I don’t think I’ll ever know why I was the target of it.”

“I wrote the song ‘Butterfly’ based on my personal experience,” continued Sider.

Sider went back to that tough place and chose to create art with it. Sider remembers how the other kids would excluded her but then they would ask her to sing for them, just to run away laughing before could complete the first verse. ” It really made me feel down, and I would come home crying almost every day. I begged my parents to homeschool me, to get me out of that situation. Then, one day, before I left for school, my dad told me that nobody has the power to ruin my day,” Sider continued. She explained how she really didn’t understand what her dad was telling her but with time she grew to understand and take to heart what her father told her that day.

“Nobody can take away my self-confidence or make me feel bad. I found the strength in myself to overcome the teasing, and I felt like a ‘Butterfly.’ That’s where that comes from,” Sider explained.

The success of “Butterfly” and other tracks on her EP have led Sider to expand an already growing slate of live performances. She has opened for Jamie O’Neal, Aaron Tippin and Gloriana. Sider has also been a featured performer at the Ocala, FL and Inverness, FL Rodeos.

She has played at writer’s nights at Nashville venues such as Hotel Indigo, The Listening Room, The Red Rooster, and Rooster’s BBQ, and has been a featured artist at the Commodore Lounge. Sider performed multiple times at the famed Bluebird Café and played at Teddy Gentry’s (Alabama) 2013 birthday party in Nashville.

Due to the success she has achieved thus far in her young career, Sider was named to the Country Music Association’s “Who’s New To Watch In 2013″ list. She said that was a huge honor. “When I saw that, and I looked at the other artists, I was so excited. It was so hard to believe.”

Her song “Butterfly” made the Top 40 on the Music Row Country Chart, which earned her a booth in the 2013 CMA Fest, “Being a part of the CMA Fest that year was such an honor and a cool experience,” says Sider of her experiences.

In the summer of 2013, Sider began her Bully Prevention Seminar and since then she has gone to over 350 schools all over the United States and has reached over 150,000 students.

During her 30-40 minute assembly, Sider talks about her own story of being teased and bullied in elementary school, what it felt like, and how she delt with it. She talks about the importance of everyone standing up to stop bullying, and sings some of her songs, including her debut single, “Butterfly”.

Sider has said she has heard from many how the lyrics spoke to their own situation. “I want the song to inspire others who have been hurt, bullied, or teased. Hopefully, it can help them. It amazes me what the song has already done. Someone got a tattoo because of the song. I get Facebook messages where people will call me their inspiration. They will write ‘Thank you for giving me strength.’ It just means the world to me that I can do that.”

As for the immediate future, Sider plans on continuing to promote her single, and work on her album. She has recently finished recording her new DVD special where she about bullying prevention and creates a curriculum for teachers and students to follow. In December, Sider released her latest EP, Symphony, with song like “Hate To Break It To You”, and “Like a Girl”.

This year, Sider will also be returning to some of the 350 schools she visited during her assemblies and will be throwing a concert for the kids, “I’m looking forward to going back to where it all began and sharing my music with them,” says Sider. “I want to lift people up and inspire them with my music, I want to become an icon that has a very positive influence and inspires people.”

CLICK HERE to comment and play “What Would Lizzie Do”



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SYMPHONY front cover


By American Banking And Market News – December 15, 2015

With two Top 40 hits under her belt, the 17 year- old singer, songwriter and national anti-bullying role model reaches deep into her experiences to create “Symphony”, a passionate collection that will resonate with all audiences.

BOCA RATON, FL (December 15, 2015) – Tis’ the season…to bring families together, for thanks and to get ready for a New Year and new you! What better way to celebrate than with music that is empowering, edgy and full of energy from one of the country’s top emerging singer/songwriters, Lizzie Sider.

Lizzie’s new 6 song CD, “Symphony”, available starting today on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and other music services, brings together all the positive emotions of the holidays with a message that says, “take control, be yourself, and enjoy the journey.”

The new CD showcases Lizzie’s flare for the distinct and unique…and for having fun! From the title track “Symphony” that emphasizes living life to its fullest to the powerful girl-anthem, “Like a Girl,” Lizzie exudes her confidence and calls on others to do the same.

“It’s been a couple of years since I’ve recorded and released a full project. The time away from the studio and working on other areas of my career has allowed me to observe and see the world differently,” says the 17 year old Lizzie, who also happens to be one of the nation’s most respected anti-bullying role models, “That time has allowed me to grow immensely, as an artist and as a person, and to develop a fresh, brighter perspective on growing up and the world around me. That’s reflected in this album, in my artistry and in the direction my career is taking.”

Nationally acclaimed music producer, James Stroud, who headed up the production of “Symphony” says, “Lizzie brings an unmistakable amount of energy and creativity to this body of work by painting perfect pictures through her artistry. I am beyond privileged to be a part of this project and am looking forward to see what the future holds for her.”

Lizzie says that “This project showcases many dimensions of me; strong, independent, tender, introspective, sweet, sassy… I so enjoyed getting to be a storyteller and musically adventurous during the writing process. I believe in being a class act and having fun while doing so, and that shines through in this record. I’m very proud of what my amazing production team and I have accomplished.”

In the last 2 years, Lizzie has performed her own live bully prevention assembly at more than 350 elementary and middle schools around the country, for over 150,000 kids. Because the demand for the assembly has been so strong, Lizzie is creating a 30 minute video that will closely track the content of Lizzie’s live assembly. The video is being made available to all schools, without charge, through Lizzie’s nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization, “Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day”. The video has already been requested by more than 1000 schools representing about 600,000 students across all 50 states as well as Australia, England and Canada. Along with the video, each school will receive a colorful “Nobody Has the Power to Ruin Your Day” wristband for every student, as well as a Booklet of discussion questions, written by Lizzie, that will encourage student discussion about bully prevention.

For more information about “Symphony” and Lizzie Sider, visit her Website. You can stay connected to Lizzie on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and YouTube.

To learn more about Lizzie’s National Bully Prevention Campaign, please visit Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day. If you are interested in ordering Lizzie’s complimentary Bully Prevention DVD Package for your school, please do so by clicking here to Sign Up.