Attention ALL Lizzie Sider Fans – Kids, Teens and Parents Alike –

Lizzie Needs Your Help!

Please watch Lizzie’s 1 minute video:

Lizzie Sider, who has performed her Bully Prevention Assembly in over 350 schools, in front of over 150,000 kids just in the last 2 years, needs your help.  With domestic and global conflicts seemingly leading the news every day, the world is in need of Lizzie’s messaging more than ever. Her assembly is in HUGE demand, with requests coming in all the time from every state in America and beyond.

Lizzie has decided to expand her reach and universal message that “Nobody has the Power to Ruin Your Day” by producing a very special Bully Prevention DVD that can bring the essence of Lizzie’s live assembly into the classrooms of every elementary and middle school in our country. 

This package also includes her own Booklet of Discussion Questions to assist teachers, counselors and principals open up bully prevention conversations with their students, as well as Certificates of Completion that she designed to be personalized for each student. 


The best part: Lizzie wants to offer her program to every school for FREE!

But we need your help.

Lizzie’s Immediate Goal

Right now, over 3000 schools from all 50 states have signed up for Lizzie’s new program! That’s over 2,700,000 students and staff waiting to participate.  The cost of making this happen, including the DVD production, is $250,000. 

Lizzie’s Larger Goal:

Lizzie wants to reach 5000 schools by the end of 2016.  This means her message would reach over 3,000,000 (million) kids, with everyone receiving a free NHTPTRYD wrist bracelet.  The additional cost of making this happen will be about $750,000.

Lizzie Factoids:

  • Lizzie knows the pain and damage first hand that bullying can cause, as she was bullied at a very young age.
  • At the age of 13, Lizzie wrote, recorded and released her Nashville influenced anti-bullying Top 40 hit, “Butterfly”, a song that tells the story of Lizzie rising above the bullying at a very young age.  She learned back then that “Nobody has the Power to Ruin Your Day.”
  • Two years ago, Lizzie decided to do something about bullying. So, she created her own upbeat Bully Prevention Assembly to take to schools, and interact with the kids, in person. It’s been a magical formula for 350 schools and 150,000 kids, and Lizzie is still at it.
  • Lizzie’s message is that almost everyone has been either the victim and/or the culprit of teasing, ridicule or bullying, at one point or another in their lives. And, she wants everyone to know they are, therefore, not alone and that, in reality, “Nobody has the Power to Ruin Your Day.”
  • Many of the kids and faculty with whom Lizzie has visited continue to wear their bracelets and often reach out to Lizzie on her Social Media pages with positive stories of how her assembly and bracelets have helped them get through some tough times or challenges.

 photo of bed with Lizzie Love 11-1-13 at Cabrillo Elementary School

  • All donations are tax deductible
  • Donations can be made via clicking on the donate button, where the transaction goes through PayPal.
  • Or, checks can be made payable to Lizzie’s 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, “Nobody Has the Power To Ruin Your Day, Inc.” and mailed to 6751 N. Federal Highway, Suite 200 Boca Raton, FL 33487.  
  • Or, donations can be made via credit card over the phone by calling 561-391-1100

“My dream is to be a positive role model, in the biggest way I can be. I want my anti-bullying efforts and my influence as an entertainer to inspire and empower people all around the world.”