Now is the time for women to Rise Up and take a stand for the empowerment of ourselves and for humanity. The Global Women’s Empowerment Network (GWEN) is gathering women to join forces to share their brands, projects (films/series/music/books) to provide socially conscious programming, products, and services. Join our global network for shared stories, revenue streams, and heart-centered activism to help shift the world to a better place. Join GWEN LIVE. Visit our Blog.



HateBrakers mission is to identify, educate, and award those acts and behaviors that interrupt the cycle of hate-breeds-hate. Our annual awards ceremony celebrates HateBraker Heroes, who have turned trauma into triumph in the mission to educate, lead, and heal individuals who have experienced an act of hate. We invite the community to engage in sharing their story with us and nominate Heroes in the community.


Amanda Todd Legacy Society

Through her 8-minute You Tube video, Amanda has allowed others from all over the world to hear and watch her story online. Her video has sparked discussions all over the world on topics related to bullying and cyberbullying, online exploitation, sextortion, internet safety and the issues surrounding mental health and wellness. This will hopefully break through the barriers of silence and create more scenarios of support and hope.




Everything Starts With 1

Our Mission: To be advocates for all children, parents and educators worldwide to prevent bullying and other student safety issues. To advocate for stronger laws and platforms that support children attending public or private educational systems. Our vision is that all children have the opportunity to participate in an educational environment free from bullying, discrimination, and harassment. Tyler Long’s story was featured in the movie, “Bully”. Listen to his parents tell his story on Ellen


I’m Bully Free

I’m Bully Free‘s mission is to be a Center of Excellence and provide support and raise awareness to schools that have declared a commitment to creating and maintaining a Bully-Free, Safe and Secure environment. Wecoordinate community-wide activities and events for youth that reinforce the anti-bullying message.


pacerPACER Teens Against Bullying

Created by and for teens, this website is a place for middle and high school students to find ways to address bullying, to take action, to be heard, and to own an important social cause. PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center is giving kids the power to use their words not to hurt but to hear, to help, and to heal. PACER activates individuals to take action — on both a personal and community level.




Are you currently being bullied or know someone who is? Feel free to post your bullying story. Our team of professionals, celebrities and bullying survivors can help you recover from the negativity that has been inflicted on you, even if you’ve buried it. We can provide the tools to help you heal, and give you the confidence to leave your anger behind. Are you a bullying survivor? Share your story of how you overcame your bully. It just might inspire someone who is going through a similar situation.