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Lizzie Sider – MCE Interview (Music City Encore)

Lizzie Sider – MCE Interview

Lizzie Sider (

Finding success in the country music business is never easy.  Just ask the thousands of singer-songwriters who pick up and move to Nashville with hopes and dreams of becoming a national recording artist, performing in front of droves of fans every night.  The overwhelming majority of these aspiring artists never make the “big time,” but they simply continue doing what they do for years because they simply love the music.

Lizzie Sider,  a teenaged starlet from South Florida, has the talent and maturity well beyond her years.  And after only a couple years after first making the trip to Music City, this multi-talented singer-songwriter is already making waves in country music’s home, performing in the town’s most famous and renowned venues.

We at Music City Encore recently had the chance to speak with Lizzie about her new single, her upcoming full length album, as well as how she balances her time between music and being a teenager.

Music City Encore: I want to hear about your single, “I Love You That Much.” Tell me about the song.

Lizzie Sider: I was sitting in my living room with my producer, Joe Vulpis, and we began throwing song ideas back and forth and sharing our ideas with each other. He played me a song on the piano, “I Love You That Much”, and as the song progressed, I fell in love with it. I knew that I had to record it because of what it meant to me. For me, the song is about dreaming of loving someone that much. For others, it may be about how they do love someone that much. Anyone can relate to this song, and I think that quality is what makes it so universal.

MCE: You recorded a music video for the song, which is currently streaming at our website. You worked with director Steven Goldmann on the video. How was that experience? Was this the first time you shot a music video?

LS: Yes, this was the first time I shot a music video, and it was such an incredible experience! Working with Steven was fabulous; he is so dynamic and really made the shoot so much fun. I also enjoyed meeting and working alongside the other actors and crew members. Throughout the shoot, the moments felt so surreal to me. The experience was unforgettable!

MCE: Both “I Love You That Much” as well as your debut single “Butterfly” have made the Top 40 on the Music Row Country Chart. Clearly a lot of people are embracing your music. It has to be an exciting feeling.

LS: I am very proud of what my music has accomplished. I get daily messages on my websites from fans who tell me that I am their inspiration, or that my music has touched them. That means the world to me to be able to reach someone through my music, and be a role model. It is indeed a very exciting feeling.

MCE: You certainly keep a busy schedule. You were featured on the Hallmark “Home and Family” TV show last month, and you were also featured on the Crook and Chase show as well. Was that overwhelming for you? Were you more nervous or excited?

LS: I was definitely more excited than anything! Both TV atmospheres were so warm and welcoming. I always look forward to new experiences, and my favorite part about those experiences is the friends I make. I do keep a busy schedule, but I enjoy every minute of it!

MCE: Even though your career is very young, you are already very active in non-profit organizations and charitable events… including your work with the Global Women’s Empowerment Network, performing at Girl Scout events, as well as at children’s hospitals. What does it mean to you to be involved with these types of organizations and events?

LS: I am honored to be involved in these types of organizations and events, because I have the opportunity to truly help people. This is why I do what I do; this is what drives me.

MCE: I have to say, you’ve already done so many things in your career that artists twice your age have done! You have performed the National Anthem at nearly 20 major league sporting events. That is one of the most difficult songs to sing live. It has to be nerve-wracking to sing that song at a major league sporting event.

LS: My first major National Anthem was for the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park in Boston, when I was nine years old. I remember getting “excited nerves” or “butterflies”, just because I was so looking forward to getting out on home plate and singing my heart out. It is always an honor to sing the National Anthem, and I still get that same feeling of excitement every time I sing it with a stadium full of people.

MCE: There are some singers in Nashville that never got to perform at the historic Bluebird Café. You have been able to do so several times. Tell me about that experience.

LS: The Bluebird Café is one of my favorite places to perform. I remember the very first time I drove up to The Bluebird, I didn’t even want to go in there because it looked to me like an old club or bar from the outside. But, I did go in to see a few shows, and I realized what The Bluebird was all about. I really wanted to perform there. The amount of respect for the artist and appreciation of the music in that room is so unique, and there is no other place like it.

MCE: Like I said, you have quite a busy schedule. How are you able to balance your singing career with school and everything else involved with being a teenager?

LS: I have had to make many sacrifices because of my music career, and at times that has been hard for me. During this past school year in particular, my teachers really helped me out by being understanding of my situation, and working with my schedule. Even though I may not have been able to spend as much time with my friends as I wanted, we still got to see each other. . .

MCE: Beginning next month, you will have a monthly one hour live show at the Wildhorse in Nashville. How did that come about?

LS: This past June, I performed for the first time with my band at the Wildhorse. The venue was fantastic- people line danced on the dance floor while we were playing music, the stage was big, and the sound was great; it was a lot of fun. We started talking to the Wildhorse about a monthly show, and we locked in some dates! I’m very excited to be performing there.

MCE: And for those fans out there who are interested in hearing more music from you, your first full length album will be released later this year, correct? What can we expect from this album?

LS: I am working on a full-length album, and, yes, it will be released later this year. Most of the music is recorded with Jason Aldean’s band in Nashville, some of the songs were produced by Joe Vulpis and some are produced by Jamie O’Neal. It’s all mastered by Tom Coyne, who mastered Taylor Swift’s CD, “Red”. I am very proud of this album. You will hear some upbeats that will make you wanna get up and dance, some fun mid-tempos, and some touching ballads that can bring a tear to your eye, or a pang in your heart.

For the latest news and appearances, check out Lizzie Sider’s official website.

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Country Act to Watch: Lizzie Sider (MIMO)


July 19, 2013 by Rob Burkhardt

While the pressing music news on my beat lately has obviously been about Randy Travis’ condition, there have been some new country artists recently bubbling up on the scene which I think deserve to be on your radar. One of these is a high schooler from Florida named Lizzie Sider.

Sider started making waves last year with her single “Butterfly” (penned with Jamie O’Neal), along with her EP of the same name. Her latest single “I Love You That Much” is carrying that momentum further. She’s been making the rounds at Nashville music venues, as well as playing opening slots for acts like Gloriana and Aaron Tippin.

I like Lizzie for her bright sound and her personality, and I can definitely see her going places as she grows as an artist. That’s why I almost hate to bring this next part up, but I feel I’d be remiss if I didn’t. If you listen to the single “I Love You That Much” in the video below, there’s one line in the chorus—just one line—that many country fans will find strangely familiar. The line goes, “That first kiss, that first date, in the moonlight.” The chord changes, the rhythm, even the melody—where have we heard it before?

“Just a kiss, on your lips, in the moonlight…” That’s it—Lady Antebellum. It’s the only line in the whole song that sounds like it was borrowed from “Just A Kiss”, maybe not even enough to get her in trouble; but that one line sounds so close to a recent hit that at the very least I’m concerned it will work against her when it comes to promoting the song.

Unfortunate coincidence? Probably. Notwithstanding, in all other ways, Lizzie Sider has already demonstrated considerable musical chops as an artist. She’s worth paying attention to. Both of her noteworthy singles are embedded below. Enjoy!


Music Video:  BUTTERFLY

About the Author Rob Burkhardt on MUSIC IS MY OXYGEN WEEKLY. Music blogger Rob Burkhardt has been a fan of country music since he was a child, cutting his teeth on the sounds of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Reba McIntyre and George Jones. In the words of the now-legendary Barbara Mandrell song, he was “country when country wasn’t cool.” Nowadays, Rob is both intrigued and excited about the mainstream crossover appeal of modern country, as seen in the success of artists like Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts and Lady Antebellum. Even so, Rob’s personal tastes in country music remain “old school,” tied to the great legends of country. When he’s not blogging about country music, Rob Burkhardt holds a day job as a middle school teacher, and is an avid sports fan. He lives with his wife and two teenage girls in southern Ohio.

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