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Rising Country Star Brings Anti-Bullying Message to Kids (WEAR ABC3 TV)

Published by ABC3 TV

Feb. 18, 2014

Bullying is a growing epidemic around the country. Today students at Dixon School of the Arts and Marcus Point Baptist School got a visit from a country music singer who is traveling the state on an anti bullying tour.

“Through the power of song country music singer Lizzie Sider is trying to preach to students about the message of bullying.”

15 year old Lizzie Sider is spreading a message about anti bullying through her music. Lizzie Sider: “It’s a way for me to express something in a way words just can’t.”

She’s taken her tour “No One Has the Power to Ruin Your Day” across the state. Lizzie writes all of her own music and says her experience being bullied in elementary school was her inspiration.

She sang her theme song “Butterfly” with the students.” “It’s about not only being bullied, but anything that we’re going through we have the power within ourselves to overcome it and all we have to do is just spread our wings and fly like a butterfly and that’s the message behind the song.”

Makayla McCreary: “Sometimes I would cry a little bit.” 6th grader Makayla McCreary said she could relate to the song and message.

“I learned that anybody can become a butterfly. You maybe shy and small, but one day you’re going to grow up big and strong.”

When Makayla was in elementary school she says she was bullied.. “I only had a few friends and most of the people who were there they would always tease me and not let me play with them.”

She says Lizzie’s visit taught her and other students an important lesson. “It’s all right to be who you want to be and nobody can change who you are no matter what they do or say to you.”

“Lizzie’s tour will be in March in the state of Florida.”


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