Standing up to Bullies (Newsmagazine Network)

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Aug. 4, 2014

Article by Bonnie Krueger

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Standing up to bullies

Country singer/songwriter Lizzie Sider, 16, led an anti-bully rally at Claymont Elementary in May as part of the school’s character education program.

Sider performed her signature song “Butterfly,” which is about her transformation from victim to leader. She told students that she always loved to sing, but mean girls used to ask her to sing for them and then laugh and run away. One day she stopped crying and found power in words and music.

During the hour-long assembly, Sider asked students to tell their stories of being teased. Instead of holding back, Claymont students raised their hands to speak.

In her efforts to promote bullying prevention, Sider has traveled with her parents all over the country, touring schools to share her own personal stories of teasing. During these assemblies, she imparts the message: “Nobody has the power to ruin your day!”

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