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Every year, I pick a word to be my theme. I ask myself how I desire to grow in this next season of my life, and choose a word that embodies and reflects that.

This year, I choose… TRUST.

It’s a funny thing; I’ve kicked butt in some areas of trust. But I have some room to grow in others. Like…

Trusting myself.

Trusting my body to fully heal how it needs to.

Trusting in my wonderful, capable professional team to help me bring all of my passions and dreams to fruition.

Trusting life and God, and the fact that they know exactly what they are doing.

It’s not the easiest thing to let go and trust like this. At least for me, there’s a desire to over-control things sometimes. What else am I supposed to do? If I care about something so much, I want to make sure it goes where it needs to go. I want to see it succeed.

Which brings me to the word, “need.”

It was brought to my attention that I used to say the word “need” a lot.

Not in a way of greed, or wanting, but in the way of trying to - gently NUDGE, let’s say - life to do things that I thought it “needed” to.

Where do I NEED to live to help my career grow?

Instead of using the word, “want.”

Where do I WANT to live to help my LIFE grow?

”Need” operates out of a place of fear.

”Want” operates out of a place of love. When it comes unselfishly and from a place of wholeness.

Operating completely out of a place of love requires TRUST.

Because it requires us to let go a little, trust ourselves a LOT, and walk out on a limb that may break or may hold.

And at the end of the day, the twists and turns and limbs that do break and even the ones that do hold are there for a REASON.

But if we don’t trust…. in ourselves, in others, in life… we’ll never know the reason.

We will spend so much time trying to figure everything out for ourselves, and stressing over how everything’s going to work out, that we won’t have the time or brain space or heart space to FEEL and to step outside of our comfort zones and to GROW the way we are supposed to.

SO. Moral of the story.

I’m gonna go with TRUST.

And I’m gonna freaking MASTER it.

What’s your word?


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