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Our Story

As a child, our founder, Lizzie Sider, was made fun of and bullied by her peers at school. She endured years of emotional and verbal bullying, and it would often send her home in tears.


Lizzie: “I would come home crying almost every day. I think the hardest part for me was not understanding why I was the target. I was always kind to everyone else and just wanted to carry on a happy life. And the thing is, I loved my school. I enjoyed growing up there and developed close relationships with my teachers and some lasting friendships. I took advantage of the academic and extracurricular activities they had to offer. And although my principal and teachers tried to talk to my classmates about respect and anti-bullying, it just didn’t click with the girls who were bullying me.”

One morning, as Lizzie was leaving her house to go to school, her dad told her to remember that, "nobody has the power to ruin your day."

It puzzled Lizzie at first, but through encouraging conversations and strong support from her parents, the pieces began to fall into place. The “nobody has the power to ruin your day” mentality started as an idea, and with time, became a practice.

Lizzie: “At a very young age, I was introduced to the power that each of us individuals possess. And that is, to be in complete control of our days… and our lives. I’ve learned that it’s like a muscle; the more you practice it, the more it strengthens and becomes a part of you. For me, in my scenario, I learned how to not let those bullies get to me. By my outward display of defeat, I was giving them all the power. By letting their words sink into me, and by actually permitting them to somehow change how I felt about myself, I was giving THEM power over ME. Doesn’t that seem backwards? I realized that, in order to take the power back into my own hands, all I needed to do was show them that they couldn’t knock me down. Out of love for myself, I would put up my own shields and deflect anything that they’d throw at me. In the beginning, it still stung when they said hurtful things to me. We’re only human, and things get to us. But with repetition of the ‘nobody has the power to ruin your day’ mentality, and daily practice and reinforcement, I saw that I was successful, and after a while, the bullying stopped. I think my reactions used to be their fuel. Without fuel, the engine can’t run. How do you stop an engine from running? Take away its fuel. How do you take away the power of a bully? Take away the satisfaction they get out of a reaction. Don’t get me wrong; it’s perfectly okay and normal to have ‘down days.’ But, 

"the only person in control of what kind of a day you have, what kind of a life you have, how you feel about yourself, to what degree you love yourself… is you. This you must always remember." 

In October 2011, Lizzie teamed up with country star Jamie O’Neal to write a song called “Butterfly,” which would become Lizzie’s empowering and confident anthem, and the theme song of Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day. The song is inspired by Lizzie’s personal experience of being bullied, and inspires all of us to look within and realize that we have the strength to overcome the things that threaten to bring us down. We are all unique and beautiful in our own ways… we are all butterflies!

In 2013, Lizzie created a school assembly, geared towards elementary and middle school children, that combined her personal story, motivational messaging and music. 

Over the years, Lizzie's program has evolved to combine her favorite inspirational, powerful music anthems with her upbeat, motivating and well-rounded messages of anti-bullying, kindness, leadership, self-confidence, and positive self image.


To date, Lizzie has taken this live show to over 500 schools all over the United States. An extension of her live program, the Bully Prevention Video Package is an interactive and effective digital program that is reaching over 9,000 schools in all 50 United States and worldwide, representing more than 6.5 million students. Click here to learn more about the contents of this FREE package!

Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. We aim to directly benefit and inspire students all around the world to live with kindness and to help them grow in their own confidence. Our goal is to produce and provide positive and effective student-facing programs – through live events and our digital package – so that students may be inspired to live their lives to the fullest!

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Lizzie Sider is a nationally recognized and respected singer/songwriter and bully prevention activist. Lizzie’s first single, “Butterfly,” charted in the Top 40 on country radio in 2013. She has appeared on national television shows such as Hallmark’s Home & Family and The Queen Latifah Show, and has been featured in various publications including Time for Kids, Music Express Magazine, Country Weekly, and NEA Today.


In addition to music, Lizzie is a passionate advocate and leader for our youth. In 2013, she founded Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day, a non-profit organization that aims to combat bullying, encourage kindness and confidence, and above all, instill in kids a strong and positive self-image.


Lizzie has visited over 500 schools all around the USA with her interactive school assembly that incorporates her motivational messaging and music. An extension of her live program, the Bully Prevention Video Package is an interactive and effective digital program, that is reaching over 9,000 schools in all 50 United States and worldwide, representing more than 6.5 million students.


Furthermore, Lizzie works with various education organizations and has been a keynote and featured speaker at education conferences including AASA (American Association of School Administrators), NCEA (National Catholic Education Association), ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education), and SSAC (School Safety Advocacy Council). Lizzie is a spokesperson for GWEN and PACER, and is the recipient of the Peter Yarrow HateBraker Hero Award, GWEN Luminary Award and Hollywood Music in Media Award.


In 2018, the mayor of Fair Lawn, New Jersey, officially proclaimed October 29, 2018 as Lizzie Sider Day in Fair Lawn, to celebrate and honor Lizzie’s impact on their community.

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