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“Lizzie’s video and related Discussion Booklet create a powerful message that should be part, if not the cornerstone, of every elementary and middle school’s Bully Prevention Program”.  

Chief Richard F. (Rick) Knox – Olivette, Missouri Police Department

“The excitement of the students was astonishing and I was impressed with Lizzie’s ability to connect with the kids. The responses she was able to get from them about why people bully amazed me. I will always remember the kindergartener asking her if she was real.  What a memorable, enjoyable day this was for is all.”  

Cheri Braden – Principal – Glenmore Elementary School – San Angelo, TX

“Bullying is not only something that happens in Fair Lawn, but everywhere in the world. The world needs more positive role models, such as Lizzie Sider, for students to look up to and hear that they have a voice, and bullying has no home here in Fair Lawn or anywhere.”

Nick Norcia - Superintendent of Schools – Fair Lawn, New Jersey

“Recently I was talking with a girl who has survived so many big family problems along with bully issues. She has grown and is showing more maturity and confidence. I commented on her growth and immediately she attributed this to you. She said, 'I think Lizzie came here for me.' She went on to tell me how much she learned from you.  I just thought you may want to know!  Thanks for visiting Fall Creek, and thanks for being an encourager”!  

Lynn Bentley – School Counselor – Fall Creek Elementary / Forbush Elementary – East Bend, NC

“We can’t thank you, your wife, and Lizzie enough for all of your cooperation, support, and enthusiasm in bringing this important program to Fair Lawn.  We are also thankful that we were able to invite Glen Rock and Paramus schools to join us in the united effort.  We know that this was a memorable experience for students and adults alike.”  

Sharon L. Bragin – Character Counts! Facilitator – Thomas Jefferson Middle School – Fair Lawn, New Jersey

“This extraordinary young woman has gone out into our community of schools across the country, teaching/entertaining our children about Bullying Prevention. I sent away from a sample kit of her Bully Prevention program, and am using it in all of my classrooms. I am an elementary school counselor at Spokane, Washington. The kids ABSOLUTELY LOVE the DVD, and I’ve ordered bracelets for all the students. Lizzie: keep up your beautiful, amazing, meaningful work. I hope we can secure a visit from you to our school. Bless you for all that you are doing out there."

Tom Ballew – Counselor – Mullan Road Elementary - Spokane, Washington 

“Having Lizzie present to our students was a wonderful experience. The kids really responded to her and her message.”  

Erika Hughes – Counselor – Stafford Middle School – Frisco, TX

“Everything was SO AMAZING! The kids LOVED her. Thank you for bringing her to Frisco and to Vandeventer!!!!  Again, thank you so much. The kids loved having her here and I have my braclet sitting on my desk as a constant reminder.”  

Katie Granado – Principal – Vandeventer Middle School – Frisco, TX

“The show was outstanding and I can tell the kids loved her!”  

Rocky S. Agan – Principal – Pioneer Heritage Middle School – Frisco, TX

“Thank you so much for the wonderful performance and giving our children the tools they need to navigate their future. Lizzie has such energy and is a true role model for the youth of today. You are truly wonderful people and we are blessed to have you be a part of growing our children. It was was a pleasure to be a part of the day!”  

M Grayce Thornton – Admin. Asst. to Exec. Director of Campus Ops. – Georgetown Ind. S. D. – Georgetown, TX

“We all share in the amazing experience Lizzie provided the students and staff of BMSN and FES today!  I thought today was a home run full of message, meaning, understanding, prevention, joy, song, and fun  What a great combination. We were so blessed to have y’all here once again spreading the BUTTERFLY message to over 1,100 students.  We’re honored to have Lizzie back at North, and we look forward to another visit in the years to come.  She is a joy and a light our students need!” 

Tommy Hungate – Principal – Boerne Middle School North – Boerne, TX

“It was great to see Lizzie again. The kids can’t stop talking about the concert and keep referring to the message on their bracelets. I think it really made a difference .. Thank YOU!!!”   

Laura A. Cook – PhD Counselor – Incline Elementary School – Incline Village, NV

“We must share with great enthusiasm that everyone here at TJMS and all the elementary schools who had the privilege of experiencing ‘Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day,’ and Lizzie, are still on Cloud 9.  The elementary schools are using BUTTERFLY as their moving up ceremony song, TJ still has every hall filled with butterfly messages of hope and tolerance and the (grown) man at Starbucks who I gave a bracelet to when he was having an awful day in May is still wearing it proudly.  He said “it changed my whole attitude and perspective on things and I am a Lizzie fan forever!”  

Ms. Sharon L. Bragin – Character Counts! Facilitator – Thomas Jefferson Middle School – Fair Lawn, NJ

“On behalf of the entire Thomas Jefferson Middle School community, please accept my heart felt thanks and appreciation for the wonderful assembly you presented to our students.  It is so important that adolescents understand they are unique, beautiful individuals who come in all shapes, sizes and “colors”.  There is no doubt that your message of “Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day” was inspiring and left many felling capable of facing the cruelty that often comes with being bullied.  It is our hopes that our students will continue to spread their wings and fly as they undertake the arduous journey through middle school.  Please know the difference you have personally made in the lives of so many.”   

Sherrie A. Galofaro – Principal – Thomas Jefferson Middle School – Fair Lawn, NJ

“WOW… Lizzie you are amazing. I can’t thank you enough for your generous offering. The students still talk about the DVD and you when I see them. They tell me that they look up to you and realize that no one is going to allow them to ruin their day or their dreams. You are a Change Maker and a Blessing to kids and adults.” God Bless and thank you again.  

Dee Recore – School Guidance Counselor – Warwick Public Schools – Warwick, Rhode Island

“Lizzie is an incredible young lady and I am grateful that all our students got the opportunity to meet her and hear her story. Everyone is still talking about her and the presentation today!"

Emma DeStefano – Director of Character Education Health/PE Teacher – Grandview Prep School – Boca Raton, FL

“A big thank you to Ms. Sider, Lizzie and you. Our students really enjoyed Lizzie co-anchoring our morning show, and I have heard wonderful news about the assemblies.  Our girls have a great time, and we will definitely shared your anti-bullying program with our colleagues.” Take care and Happy Holidays!!  

Dr. Thomas Howard – Assistant Principal – Lyons Creek Middle School – Coconut Creek, FL

“I am so grateful to all of you for the wonderful afternoon you spent at Kelly School! Lizzie, your kindness and sweet, generous spirit shone through. The kids were totally star-struck! The way you spent time with [name redacted] and many others was just incredible, and I would go so far as to say, life-changing for some of them.”  

Nancy A. Brumstead – Music and Peak Teacher – Alta, Kelly & Moran Schools – Jackson Hole, WY

“Excited to present your program to our students. Many of our students are easy targets for bullying due to their special needs challenges. Lizzie this is a wonderful thing you are doing. Wishing you great success with your career and that the kindness you are giving returns to you in great abundance.”  

Sharon M. Parker 

“Hi Lizzie, my son attends Marsh Jr. High in Chico, CA. He saw you last week and the time before.. you made quite an impact on him. He has autism and he set his alarm all week in preparation for your concert, for the first time ever on his own!! Thank you for your inspiration and great role modeling.. keep on making a difference.”  

Mom – Marsh Jr. High - Chico, CA

“Lizzie,  AMAZING JOB at LAKEVIEW this afternoon!  WOW… the kids are so pumped and saying how They LOVED the concert!  Keep up the GREAT Work around the country, and may your Desires and Dreams Come True! (Your parents really ROCK too!  It was nice Visiting with your mom after the show). Safe travels, and come back and see us again. Keep in touch. PS – Thanks for all the cool stuff too!  Pics, postcards, magnets, etc!"

Mary Mininni – Music Teacher – Lakeview Elementary School – Phoenix, AZ  

“I received rave reviews from students and staff to the success of the assembly.  Lizzie is a wonderful young lady that is capable of great things and it was my pleasure to speak with her and get to know her.  The students were energized, engaged and excited about your performance and message.  You (Lizzie) are an extremely grounded young lady with limitless potential to reach our youth with a strong message.  Keep up the great work, keep enjoying what you do and the sky is the limit to the number of kids you will reach. Thank you for sharing yourself with our school!  Thank you as well for choosing us and being awesome parents and helping us make the assembly a success.  Good luck to you and your wonderful family.  As you blossom into a superstar – remember us here at Lakeview – for we will remember you and your powerful message and gifts.  I will do my best to get the shirt in the mail on Monday. Thanks again!”  

Tim Woodward – Principal – Lakeview Elementary School – Phoenix, AZ

“One Word…”Fabulous”!!!  You must be so proud!!  Ask her about the CD Students!  Wowzer did she make a difference in their lives!  Thanks again!”  

Don Hiemstra – Principal – Desert Shadows Elementary School – Phoenix, AZ

“The crowd was electric and it was a great message. [Mr. Sider], you should be proud that your 16 year-old daughter is as well-rounded and balanced as Lizzie. As a father of 2 daughters, it was nice to see a young lady paying it forward to the next generation of leaders!”  

Jonathan Rohloff – Principal – Sun Canyon Elementary – Phoenix, AZ

“Again, thank you so much!  The kids loved the program. It was a great message. So often people think we can truly stop all bullying and I don’t think that will ever happen as we are all human.  Letting kids know that most everyone has been and it is up to us if we give someone else the power to ruin our day. We need to teach our kids to stand up for themselves and for others.  We need kids to understand why it happens and they may help us to prevent more of the bullying.  Thank Lizzie for empowering our students.”  

Kimberly Meehan – Principal – Centerra Mirage STEM Academy – Goodyear, AZ

“[Lizzie] is so beautiful and talented – you must both be so proud! Thank you so very much for including us in your busy schedule. The students were so excited and I hope they take away the message she was giving to them of helping each other especially if being bullied.  Good luck on the rest of the tour and again on behalf of both schools, we really appreciate your positive energy and movement you brought to us this afternoon!”  

Angela Groves – Assistant Principal – Monte Vista School – Phoenix, AZ

“We had a great day at Mesa Academy with Lizzie.  We are framing her picture with a message she wrote to our students, and will place it in a prominent position – to always remind us to be kind and caring. Our students loved Lizzie – she is so genuinely warm and personable – and, of course, talented! It was a pleasure to meet you, Carole and Lizzie – what a great team you are! Thanks again, on behalf of our entire student body and staff – you have enriched our lives.”  

Bob Crispin – Principal – Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies – Mesa, AZ

“Thank you and Lizzie for a fabulous afternoon!  I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought about the show all afternoon.  The message and timing were perfect for Hickman.  We wish you all the best as you continue your journey!  I’ll keep my eye on Lizzie – I’m sure she is destined for great things!”  

Robin M. Cayce, Ed.D. – Principal – Hickman Elementary School – Nashville, TN

“On behalf of Goodlettsville Middle Prep, we thank Lizzie and your family for blessing our students with a very memorable experience!  Lizzie is an exceptional young lady, and our students were very inspired and engaged by her message and charisma!  It is our hope that you and your family will stay connected with the Goodlettsville Middle Prep family, and we wish Lizzie much success in her future endeavors.  Lastly, I thank you and your family for the encouraging message you’re taking to kids across the country. You are making a lasting impact on the lives of many children. With Gratitude."  

Milton T. Nettles, M. Ed. – Student Support Services Specialist – Goodlettsville Middle Prep – Nashville, TN

“Thank you so much for taking your time to come and visit Cason Lane Academy.  The students really enjoyed Lizzie’s Assembly and were talking about it all day!  She has such a powerful and moving message about bullying prevention.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it!”  

Nicollette Sanders – School Counselor – Cason Lane Academy – Murfreesboro, TN

“We want you all to know how very much we appreciate all of your time and efforts, and resources into bringing such a wonderful program to us!!! You all are an incredible family, and it meant so much that you shared your gifts with us!!! The program on Wednesday left a lasting effect, and we will be eternally grateful!  Many, many thanks!!!”  

Laura Underwood – Lower School Director – Harding Academy – Nashville, TN

“We wanted to thank you so much providing us such a special assembly for our students.  The kiddos were off-the-wall ecstatic – they enjoyed the time with you so much (and we were also happy that your message helped with empathy and understanding of bullying.)  We hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the holidays.”  

Shane Wolfe/Principal-Barbara Gist/Asst. Principal-Aldrin Elementary School – Reston, VA

“Thanks so much for the info. The other schools that Lizzie performed at recently raved about her!! Please put us on your list for any upcoming times that she might be back in the area. We are very interested in booking her if possible! Thanks!"

Jennifer Brooking -NBCT – Reading Specialist – GT Liaison – Sequoyah ES – Lincoln, MD

“Thanks again for presenting at Wheaton Woods.  I know you have quite a few performances and each presentation is important.  I can’t tell you how much of a POSITIVE impression you made on our students this afternoon.  The key message, “Nobody has the power to ruin your day” and the ideas/strategies shared will stick with our kids as they grow.  The song “Butterfly” will continue to resonate in our school halls and more importantly, in the lives of our students as they grow and are transform into productive citizens, community members, brothers and sisters in this part of the world.  Wishing you continued success.  Once again, thank you.”  

David Chia – Principal – Wheaton Woods Elementary School – Rockville, MD

“I had a PTA meeting last night and many parents were raving how their child was talking about the assembly when they got home and immediately downloaded her songs. Here is a note from a parent I received last night: “I don’t know who’s idea it was for Lizzie Sider to come to our school or how you got her there …but thank you so much for letting her come. She made such a huge impression on Marshall, more so than any professional athlete he has met. What a fantastic young lady and I’m glad she could share her message with our school. Marshall can’t stop signing her song or watching her video!!! Thanks again, we enjoyed having Lizzie and wish her the very best." 

Dr. Kelly Sheers – Principal, Haycock Elementary – Falls Church, VA

“It was a pleasure meeting all of you. The kids are still talking about Lizzie’s visit. I told Lizzie we will be using her song as one of our graduation songs. Thank you so much!"  

Beth Grater – Principal – PS 205 The Clarion School – Brooklyn, NY

“I can hardly express all the gratitude I feel that Lizzie performed at Claymont last week. It still feels like a dream.  It was so, so special in many ways. Getting the kids to learn the song was lots of fun. They actually fell in love before they even saw Lizzie in person! So did I!  But then, when Lizzie came out and started talking and singing, the love just poured out. Many of our students, when asked what was their FAVORITE thing all year at Claymont, listed 'Lizzie' with no hesitation.  So, all I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart and all our hearts at Claymont.  Best wishes in every way. I have a dear friend in Nashville that I will tell about the CMA Fest. : ) I’ll keep following and raving.  We are so blessed to have been part of this amazing experience.  Also, my husband and friends and I loved the Hatebraker Evening, and Lizzie’s performance! More 'wows'! All the best." 

Carole Lander – Principal – Claymont Elementary School – St. Louis, MO

“It was a pleasure to have you at school today!  It has been a challenging year and the message you brought is something our kids need to hear often.  We will reinforce no bullying often with Lizzie’s voice.”  

Cindy Lee – Principal – Bradford Elementary – San Angelo, TX

“The program was exceptionally well-organized and the message is one that will continue to benefit our students because of the professional and fun way it was delivered.  On behalf of the students and staff, please pass on our heartfelt “thank you” to Lizzie for taking the time to make a positive difference in the lives of our children.”  

Dave Danner – Principal – Holiman Elementary – San Angelo, TX

“Thanks for coming to our school.  The Leo Scholars were so excited and after the assembly I had some students come up to me and tell me they learned that we are not the only ones that go over being a buddy.  They were amazed that Lizzie had lived through being teased and bullied in elementary.  She impacted our students!!!! Thanks again.”  

Maria “Ellie” Jazinski –  Principal – Leo J. Leo Elementary School – Mission, TX

“We just wanted to express our sincere thanks for such a great assembly!  The message that Lizzie gives is in line with our everyday philosophy!  We believe in Character First and it takes every one of us to communicate this effectively to all!”  

Keith Garcia – Director – Vista Academy of Tyler – Tyler, TX

“We loved having Lizzie; she did a great job. A teacher sent me a spelling test that one of the kids took after the show. At the bottom of the test he wrote, 'I love Lizzie Sider.' Thanks again!”  

Alice Ford – Principal – Chisholm Trail Elementary – Sanger, TX

“I’m proud of you for this mission as both a principal and father of a 16-year-old.”  

Tommy Hungate  – Principal – Boerne Middle School North – Boerne, TX

“Lizzie, thank you for coming out to our school, Smith Academy, today!  You are a true inspiration.  My kids can’t stop talking about you and your message.”  

Raquel Ortiz-Pina – 4th Grade Teacher – Smith Academy – Houston, TX

“We just wanted to say thanks again for allowing us to experience such a gift. Lizzie was and is truly an amazing young lady. We absolutely loved the performance inspired us and our students. We pray traveling grace and that Lizzie will continue in her purpose.”  

Diesher Rhone – Instructional Aide – Harvest Prep Academy – Houston, TX

“The students are always asking about her and continue to talk about her message. I wish Lizzie all the luck with her career. She is so talented and such a lovely young lady."  

Christy Ekman – Principal – Woodcrest Elementary School - Riverside, CA

“I believe our students are forever changed by Lizzie’s performance. The way she expressed her immense amount of integrity, self respect, maturity, self discipline and positive thinking brought tears to my eyes (I had to walk out of the auditorium a few times!).”  

Dr. Valerie Bailey School – Counselor – Harriet Tubman Village Charter School - San Diego, CA

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for giving this amazing gift, of your story ~ your time ~ your talent, to our students.  You are an amazing young lady, with so much to offer.  Thank you for knowing and understanding the importance of your message and the importance of sharing it!  Your voice is so much more powerful than that of any adult.  Kids listen when their peers talk.  You have given our kids so much more than “just another talk about bullying”!  Because of how you present your message and relate to the students…. your message will stay with them for years to come!  Many, many thank you's!!”  

Wagner Elementary School PTA – Placentia, CA

“A big THANK YOU for allowing us to experience such a wonderful performance by Lizzie!  She is so talented and her genuine love and concern for the kids just radiates through her smile and her music.  I know that she’s already had an impact on certain students who had low self-esteem, and it seems that now they walk with their heads a little higher (it was both through Lizzie’s music, her inspiring words to the group, and even her personal words to them while signing autographs!).”  

Gina Grammas – PTA – Imperial Elementary School - Anaheim, CA

“My entire school faculty, support staff, and students loved her show.  The assembly was fabulous!  I hope we see her again.”  

Garry Galvan, Ph.D. –  Principal – Ponderosa Elementary School - South San Francisco, CA

“Our kids are still talking about Lizzie and her message, and I can see the impact of her words and songs in their behavior.”  

Melody Donnelly – Dean of Students – Ignenium Charter Middle School - Canoga Park, CA

“Our kids really GOT her message today. What a role model she is. Her message (and them being able to meet her and receive it first hand) will help me so much as I use it as a springboard in dealing with any “unkindness” related discipline issues. We will be following her career! We wish her the very best!”  

Lisa Bloom – School Counselor – Topaz Elementary - Hesperia, CA

“The way she handled an auditorium full of excited 6th graders wasn’t easy, but Lizzie sure made it look that way!  Not only is she an amazing performer but more importantly, a sweet, kind-hearted person. Which says a lot about her parents!”  

Ruth Kim – Instructional Coach – John Burroughs Middle School - Los Angeles, CA

“Lizzie is a fabulous presenter with such an inspiring message.  Our students thoroughly enjoyed the event.”  

Michelle Wavering – Principal – Foothill Knolls Elementary – Upland, CA

“Lizzie is a positive role model for students in many ways. In our society where loud and crass is acclaimed, it was so nice to see someone that my students can look up to that is successful, sweet, and kind.”  

Jeff Miller – Principal – Baldy View Elementary School – Upland, CA

“I saw our students jumping up and down, singing, and smiling. I had goose bumps all day. One little girl told me she was going to save her bracelet “for the rest of her life.” “Lizzie is a role model…….so much hope and joy. What is most impressive is how she addresses children and how she remembers names.  This is my 30th year in education. The last few days were among my happiest for kids.”  

Nancy Kelly, Ed.D. – Superintendent – Upland Unified School District – Upland, CA

“Lizzie was wonderful…the kids are still talking about it…what a gem she is!” 

Concetta Rossi-Rains – Principal – Lincoln Elementary School – Salinas, CA

“Lizzie is so talented and is bound to be a huge star one day very soon! You are welcome back in Pacific Grove any time. You have many loyal fans here!” 

Maryn Sanchez – Assistant Principal – Pacific Grove Middle School – Pacific Grove, CA

“Plenty of our students were still talking about the performance, and our local paper 'The Cedar Street Times' plans to run an article written by our students. You have a very talented daughter with huge heart for kids. We thank you for sharing her with PGMS!”  

Buck Roggeman – Principal – Pacific Grove Middle School – Pacific Grove, CA

“Lizzie was wonderful!  Her program consisted primarily of her sincere connection with the students – engaging them in a presentation about 1) how many youth and adults – even very many successful, famous adults, have been bullied, 2) the responsibility of bystanders to intervene if they witness someone being bullied, and 3) “not to let someone ruin your day” – to set goals and work towards making them happen…..!” 

Ann Brodsky – Safe School Coordinator - California Unified School District

“… Lizzie’s visit to our school was a phenomenal opportunity for the students and staff. The 3rd-5th grade students so enjoyed Lizzie, her music and her message. The fact that she moves among students gathering their input  brought such a sense of ownership to the issues of bullying. Lizzie’s passion for her mission and her vivacious personality are heartwarming and infectious!” 

Mary Rose Monney – Principal Cedarwood Elementary - Magalia, CA

“I hope Lizzie always keeps her humility, kindness, and grace:  She is an exceptional young lady, and beautiful from the inside out.” 

Toni Marie Ormachea – School Academic Counselor - Corning, CA

“The story Lizzie shared about her own life was certainly one that the students could relate to.  Hearing it from another student even had more impact.  Thank you again.” 

Leanne Teuber – Principal – Arnold Adreani Elementary School – Sacramento, CA

“Students will remember their Lizzie Sider concert experience for years to come!” 

Mark Mortensen – Teacher McKinley - Elementary - Petaluma, CA

“While Lizzie may not have known it at the time, she was  genuinely touching the lives of our students, who come from very  low-income, at-risk families and neighborhoods, and who do not typically  have the opportunity to go to music concerts, and outside of school, the  number of positive role models in their lives are far and few between.  So again, thank you, and a big thank you to Lizzie, too, for the fun,  lively and educational assembly!” 

Fiona Weismehl, M.A. – School Counselor – Toddy Thomas Middle School – Fortuna Elementary School District – Fortuna, CA

“The anti-bullying assembly yesterday with Lizzie was very much enjoyed by our students.  They loved the songs and the message that Lizzie delivered, “Nobody has the power to ruin your day!” 

Tom Puskarich – Principal – Leggett Valley School – Leggett, CA

“You are truly an inspiration to all!!  You really made a difference in our kids’ lives!!  Thank you so much!!” 

Mrs. Bohren – 5th Grade Teacher – Ansel Adams School – Stockton, CA

“Lizzie has a spirit that lights up the room.  At one point I had tears in my eyes and looked at the teacher next to me ~ she was crying too.” 

Shelbey Miller – Teacher – Sutter Middle School – Folsom, CA

“My students wanted me to check with you to see if Lizzie will be doing shows next school year. They are still talking about her visit with us. They still ask me to play Butterfly for them and they are still wearing her bracelets.” 

Charlena Durrance – School Counselor – Manatee Cove Elementary – Orange City, FL

“What  gift you have! Thanks so much for sharing your talent and your message with my class and the rest of the 4th and 5th graders at Laural Oak. I personally appreciated all you’re doing to get the message out that bullying is not tolerated. You have definitely made an impact on these kids!” 

Kimberly Velez – Teacher – Laurel Oak Elementary – Naples, FL

“Your message and enthusiasm impacted the students here more than you will ever know.” 

Susan Mochen – Principal – Sandy Pines Residential Treatment Center – Tequesta, FL

“Lizzie was absolutely fabulous!  We really enjoyed her presentation! 

Leanne Bissett – School Counselor – Challenger 7 Elementary School – Cocoa Beach, FL

“Lizzie is a remarkable performer with an incredible talent! The gift that she shared with the Lower School will resonante for many months to come.” 

Chris Harrison – Dean of Students – Lower School – Pine Crest School – Fort Lauderdale, FL

“We LOVED Lizzie and her important message to our students.  She inspired many more with her anti-bullying story.” 

Jory Westberry – Principal – Tommie Barfield Elementary – Marco Island, FL

I thoroughly enjoyed the shows and am getting great feedback from school counselors and students:  “Lizzie was amazing”, “The best day I have had in school”. As a school counselor, I was impressed with Lizzie’s manner with children, she honored them.” 

Diedra Landrum – Coordinator of School Counseling – Collier County, FL

“My name is Natasha Hayes and I am the Branch Manager for the Diane Yzaguirre Memorial Library for the Seminole Tribe of Florida, located in Immokalee, Florida.  My son came home from school yesterday and said that he was blown away by your story and performances.” 

Natasha Hayes – Mom

“Words cannot express how much we all appreciate you for raising such an amazingly compassionate child. Not only did she do a fantastic job with the presentation, but her ability to connect with each child during her quick hug was very special and unique. I don’t know many teenagers who have the gift of putting people at ease quite like Lizzie does.  I see a very long successful road ahead for Lizzie. Keep her as amazingly grounded as she is now. She is an amazing young lady! Thanks again for everything.” 

Jobie Woltman – School Counselor – Enterprise Elementary – Cocoa Beach, FL

“Thank you so much for visiting Hendry County Schools and sharing your Sunshine with our students!  I have received numerous comments, emails and phone calls of positive response about your assemblies at COE and LMS!  Thanks for the important work that you are doing with other young people!  Best wishes to you.” 

Lucinda Kelley – Director – Exceptional Student Education & Student Services – Hendry County FL

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for Lizzie’s visit to our school!  You truly blessed our students with your presence, and your presentation had such a positive impact on our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders!"  

Leanne Hope – School Counselor – Tommie Barfield Elementary School – Marco Island, FL 

“It was truly OUR pleasure to have you and Lizzie!! She is an amazing young woman and I know how proud you must be of her and her accomplishments!  We are blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and hear Lizzie’s message first hand.  Thank you again for creating this wonderful experience for Fuguitt Elementary!” 

Kathi Bentley, Ed.D. – Principal – Fuguitt Elementary School – Largo, FL

“Everyone here is talking about how much they LOVED Lizzie!  The boys were drooling over her and the girls wanted to be here.  She did such a fabulous job and I do believe there was no better way to deliver her message!  Great experience for all of us!  Thank you so much!  Best wishes to Lizzie on a great career!” 

Linda F. Kahn – Guidance Counselor – Woodland Elementary School  – Zephyrhills, FL

“Wanted to send you a quick email again thanking you, your wife, and Lizzie for her performance at Port Charlotte Middle School this afternoon.  What a great message to send to our students.  Please share our gratitude with Lizzie. We look forward to seeing what amazing things that Lizzie will accomplish!” 

Dan McIntosh, M.Ed. – Assistant Principal – Port Charlotte Middle School – Port Charlotte, FL

“Thank you so much for taking the time to tackle this very worthy cause. Lizzie using her God-given talent to address an issue that affects nearly every student on the planet is a gift that I believe will make a difference. I always say even if only one student was impacted it was worth all the cost. We have a phrase that we borrowed from a men’s ministry that you do what is right and lead others to righteousness, “No Matter the Cost.” Seeing the amount of time and effort your family is putting into this cause it is evident that you all are willing to make a difference in the lives of young people, no matter the cost. Well done and God bless.” 

John Green – Principal – Lakeside Junior High – Orange Park, FL

“We feel so lucky to have had Lizzie here. I am just so amazed at the maturity and poise she possesses at 15 years old! The kids and the faculty all loved her and my 4 yr old talked about her for days. My husband was out of town last week and they still had their bracelets on when he got home and when he asked them what they were they told him in great detail all about it and got on my phone and played “Butterfly” for him.  I was really impressed with how much they remembered at 4 and 6 so I know it made an even bigger impression on the older kids.” 

Angela Hayes – School Counselor – Tavares Elementary – Tavares, FL

“I had a chance to follow up with my students about Lizzie’s show and received amazing feedback. The students appreciated receiving an important message from a person close to their age.  They enjoyed her musical talent and touch, the interactive presentation, and were a bit star struck.  Our students predict that Lizzie will continue to be successful and are beyond excited that they were able to interact with her.” 

Michele Mizrachy – Guidance Counselor – North Broward Preparatory School – Coconut Creek, FL

“I was very impressed with Lizzie’s friendliness and loved the way she “worked the crowd”.  I know the students loved her.  I’ve had at least 2 phone calls already from families who apologized for missing it. One forgot and one was sick.  I love Lizzie’s message and I know I’ll be hearing more about her in the coming years.” 

Angela (Angie) Page McClellan – Nassau County Homeless Liaison – Nassau County Schools  Yulee, FL

“Lizzie’s presentation was wonderful and inspiring! The message was inspirational with a great connection to the young students.” 

Mary Gunter – Principal – Liza Jackson Preparatory School – Fort Walton Beach, FL

“We feel very blessed and fortunate to have had Lizzie come and address our students.  We are always preaching the Power of One, and how one voice can make a difference.  Lizzie is living proof of this truth.” 

Lynn Clark – Physical Education Instructor – Liza Jackson Preparatory School – Fort Walton Beach, FL

“Lizzie is a special talent.” 

Harry Russell, ED. S. – Principal – Sugarloaf School – Summerland, FL

“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you once again for coming to our school.  We’ve heard some great things already in the halls and discussions amongst friends.  I will be sure to email you some more pics, here are just a couple. Thank you and the best of luck Lizzie.” 

Rebecca Palomino – Sugarloaf School Counselor – Summerland FL

“Thank you Lizzie for what you do. The students are still wearing the bracelets and talking about the concert and singing the song Butterfly!!” 

Charlena Durrance – School Counselor – Manatee Cove Elementary Orange City, FL

“Lizzie made a school full of fans at Citrus Grove.  Thank you for sharing her message.  And, as I said to Lizzie, keep carrying the flag.  Y’all are always welcome here.” 

Tyson Villwock – Principal – Citrus Grove Elementary Deland, FL

“I appreciated being a part of Lizzie’s assembly on multiple levels. Firstly, I am a parent of 4 children and my daughter Isabella loved meeting your daughter at Pinewood Elementary School. As a 3 decade veteran educator (NY & FL), I know that students will remember presentations like yours throughout their lives. Lastly as I mentioned, I am a performing musician having worked and continue to work with some very fine players, so I clearly recognize the gift that Lizzie possesses.” 

Paul Marcucci – Music Teacher – Pinewood Elementary School Stuart, FL

“Lizzie is very talented and had a great rapport with the students. They enjoyed having her visit Waters Edge.  The poster in the cafe reminds the students daily about being kind and respecting others.” 

Dianne T. Rivelli-Schreiber – Principal- Waters Edge Elementary School Boca Raton, FL

“I am glad I had a chance to see Lizzie today at Verde Elementary!  Please let her know that I thought the performance was incredible.  She has complete audience participation and has control of the show.  It was entertaining for both the students and the teachers, and provided a good message.” 

Anonymous – Dad – Verde Elementary School Boca Raton, FL

“Today’s Anti-Bullying Assembly is truly one of the highlights of our 2013-2014 school year. We wish Lizzie the best in all of her future endeavors!” 

Mrs. Tai C. Hinkins – Principal – RISE Academy School of Science & Technology Lauderhill, FL

“Thanks for making it a great assembly at Palm Glades and for sharing your message and wonderful music with our school! We all enjoyed it every much and I am sure your message will resonate with us for a long time.” 

Andrew Lima – Music Teacher – Palm Glades Middle School Miami, FL

“Lizzie was a HUGE hit at Saint Andrews (School) on Wed morning and her presentation had an impact on so many students. They loved her!” 

Mimi Tasca – Teacher – St Joseph’s School Boynton Beach, FL

“Lizzie is an amazing young lady with a bright future ahead of her.  She seems to have an awesome connection with people.  Everyone here is still talking about the performance and wearing the wristbands.  Our new motto in the main office is 'Nobody has the power to ruin your day!' ... So far, no one has!” 

Di Michele – Dean of Students – The Charter School at Waterstone Homestead, FL

“I just wanted you to know that your daughter made a huge impression on my daughter and her friend. One of the stories they told me was when Lizzie made everyone close their eyes and then raise their hand if they were ever bullied. Both girls told me that their hands were raised.  They then talked with me about what was said, her song, and why bullying is wrong.” 

Anonymous – Mom – Saint Andrew’s School - Boca Raton, FL

“Our students and staff are still buzzing about yesterday’s big event.  Thank you so much for all that you are doing.  We are very thankful that we were able to host you at our school and have you speak to our students.” 

Trisha Elliott – Assistant Principal – Crystal Lake Elementary - Stuart, FL

“Lizzie is touching lives and, as I usually state, you never know whose life you may be saving.” 

Laurie Gaylord – Superintendent – Martin County Public Schools - Martin County,Florida

“[My daughter] has only been at that school for a year. She hasn’t made many friends. She was diagnosed with Aspbergers and has a hard time making friends and gets bullied at times by others. For her to get up on stage in front of her peers and sing is AMAZING!!! I am so very proud of her and thankful to you. The kids at school have been approaching her telling her how lucky she was and how great she did! It’s boost her confidence so much! God bless you! We are now your biggest fans!” 

Anonymous – Mom – Felix A Williams Elementary - Stuart, FL

“Yesterday’s concert is a wonderful  memory our children now have.  Lizzy is a talented, poised, kind and compassionate young woman.  Thank you for coming to Hammock Pointe.” 

Carol Crilley –  Principal – Hammock Pointe Elementary School - Boca Raton, FL

“I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for today’s assemblies!   Lizzie was phenomenal!!!!!  I believe our students received a very powerful and inspiring message.  Many thanks again!!!”  

Jeff Raimann – Principal – Indiantown Middle School - Indiantown, FL

“LIZZIE WAS WONDERFUL!  Warfield Elementary would like to thank Lizzie and her parents for their time and their powerful message.  Please come back and visit again soon!!”  

Jennifer Goddard – Guidance Counselor – Warfield Elementary - Indiantown, FL

“Often times, middle school students are more receptive to accepting advice when it comes from someone closer to their own age.  Because you are so approachable and genuine, I’m sure you made a lasting impression on our sixth graders.  Thanks for making Murray Middle School your first “official” State of Florida visit.”  

Douglas Peterson – Principal – Murray Middle School - Stuart, FL

“We really enjoyed Lizzie’s performance. She is a smart, talented, and beautiful young lady – with a powerful message! Thank you for visiting Port Salerno Elementary. You are always welcome.”  

Allysa Eberst – Assistant Principal – Port Salerno Elementary School - Stuart, FL

“Thank you. Our students are still talking about Lizzie’s performance and her anti-bullying message. She certainly made a lasting impression. Thanks for being so organized and professional.”  

Doug Peterson – Principal – Murray Middle School - Stuart, FL

“Lizzie is a beautiful young lady – inside and out – and it was a pleasure to be part of the Florida 100 tour!” 

Robyn Vanover – Certified Prevention Specialist – Martin County School District - Stuart, FL

“Lizzie was fantastic and such an impressive young woman.  I wish her all the best on the remainder of the tour and with her promising career.” 

Michelle Blanco – Public Information & Community Relations Specialist – Martin County School District - Stuart, FL

“Lizzie is an amazingly talented young lady with a bright future!  The children loved her and the staff were extremely impressed with her skills and ease in communicating with our students.  Lizzie clearly taught us how to turn a “bad situation” into a beautiful memory!  She taught them to believe in themselves and not let anyone 'ruin their day!'

Susan Saint John – Principal – Starlight Cove Elementary – Lantana, FL

“What an amazing young lady. Her message is powerful and her songs are catchy. This was a gift to our school and the timing was perfect as we start our new year in our new building.”  

Dr. Susan Mochen – Administrator/ HH Specialist – Riverbend Academy Sandy Pines - Tequesta, FL

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