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I suppose, above all... 2019 taught me that sometimes, even when your path ahead seems impossible to walk... the most important thing to remember is to just keep moving.

One foot in front of the other.

On your journey, to get to wherever you’re going, there will be ups and downs.

There will be rain.

But there will also be sun.

And sometimes, there will be more rain than sun.

But you have to take that sunshine and put it in your pocket, whenever you can.

You have to keep gratitude in your heart at all times.

You have to be thankful for the good moments, the good things, the good people, the good lessons.

You have to love fiercely and let yourself be loved in return.

You also have to be okay with not being okay.

You have to realize that in order to get to 10, you have to pass through 1, 2 and 3 first, knowing that you may have to repeat that cycle several times before you ever reach 4.

And you have to be kind and patient with yourself, because when you repeat those cycles, you’ll realize your most important cheerleader will be the kindness and understanding you give to yourself.

You have to let yourself remain just as open to pain as you are open to things that will never hurt you, as pain is often transformative.

And you have to realize that everything that happens in your life can happen FOR you, not just TO you.

You must TRUST that your path knows exactly where it’s leading you, and be absolutely willing to accept what lies ahead.

So, let’s see what lies ahead. I’m really looking forward to meeting you, 2020.


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