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1. Start each day with a beautiful smile! Literally. Wake up, say to yourself, “Today is going to be a great day.” And smile.

2. Keep a grateful and open heart. Think about the good things in your life, and be open to discovering new things that make you happy. [The size or significance of the thing does not matter.]

3. Make sure you actually SMILE multiple times throughout the day. Teeth showing, eyes sparking, cheeks perky. Even if it’s just to yourself. It’ll make you happier. Trust me.

4. Keep your main focus UP, as opposed to down. Instead of checking your phone all day or keeping your focus at eye level and below, look UP throughout the day and observe what’s around you! Sky, birds, signs, the general openness of the world outside of your present situation.

5. Show kindness to other people. Smile at them, hold the door for them, offer to help. Being of service to other people is a HUGE component to our own happiness.

6. And finally, remember that today is ONE DAY out of your entire journey. If it wasn’t a great day, that’s ok. Let it roll off of you and you can start again tomorrow. If it was a great day, think about the things that made it a great day, and do it again tomorrow.

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