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A great holiday gift idea from Lizzie – and it’s FREE!

A GREAT holiday GIFT IDEA from Lizzie –

Here’s something GREAT that you can give your loved one(s) this Holiday Season – and it’s FREE!

Give the gift of caring for your loved one’s safety and well being.

The GWEN ALERT is a very important app that you can install on your phone, and always have with you, should you find yourself in a personal safety emergency.

  • Suppose you’re walking to your car, after a long day of mall shopping, it’s dark, and you see suspicious people following you?

  • Suppose you’re out with friends and you feel they are no longer reliable or able to drive you home safely, and they won’t listen to you or let you drive?

  • Suppose you are riding your bike around town, or to or from from school, and you are frightened by a stranger, or for whatever other reason?

  • Suppose you injure yourself, and you’re alone?

  • Suppose you find yourself in any situation, public or private, and feel physically threatened?

You can dial 911 and talk to the operator for 5 minutes, answer their questions, try to explain your location, and in danger, waiting for the police to hopefully eventually arrive. You can try calling a friend or family member, but what happens if they are not home, or not available? Or, what if every second counts and you don’t have the TIME to talk, or are unable to talk?

A quicker, safer, better thing to do would be to activate your


and get IMMEDIATE help!

Your GWEN ALERT will call your pre-determined contacts FOR YOU, give them your GPS coordinates so they know EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE (and it will continue to track you as you travel or move, just like GPS does), and it will also simultaneously contact the police, if you want it to. You tell it to do what you want it to do. You don’t even need to be able to talk into the phone. IT CAN LITERALLY SAVE YOUR, OR YOUR LOVED ONE’S, LIFE!

Please take a minute to watch this short YOUTUBE video, and then install the GWEN ALERT for YOUR loved one – your child, your parent, sister, brother, bf – OR YOURSELF.

(…and yes, I DO have it installed on MY phone!)


Join the movement!

Your donation will help us continue to provide messages of anti-bullying and hope to students throughout the USA and worldwide. Any amount is appreciated and all donations are fully tax-deductible. Thank you for your contribution!

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