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Anti-Bullying Message Through Song and Dance (

Published by Concho Valley Home Page

Jun. 1, 2014

Singer and songwriter Lizzie Sider is an up and coming country music artist who at sixteen years old has toured the country, made TV and radio appearances and has embarked on a journey to make a difference.

"I have always been passionate about bullying and anti bullying because it's something that's close to my heart I was bullied in elementary school so it was a hard time for me to get through, but I came out of it being a different person and being much stronger and so I've always wanted to inspire people through my music and through a message," Motivational speaker Lizzie Sider said.

Sider's tour has taken her through two hundred fifty elementary and middle schools in California, Florida and Texas. Where she speaks to kids and performs her original song "Butterfly," a song about overcoming bullying and becoming a stronger person.

"Something that's great is I'm only sixteen so I'm right there with these kids I'm the same age so it's really like talking to a peer talking to a friend and I come with a voice that is very warm and that is like a friend and so I think that that really helps the message get across in a positive way as well," Sider said.

Sider hopes that with her encouragement and positivity through her words and music she can inspire kids to spread anti-bullying awareness and become better people.


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