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Don’t let what may hinder you stop you from living as fully and happily as you can.

I may still be far away from being fully healed from my brain injury, but I’ve come to realize that life is too short and moments are too precious to keep waiting for things to be perfect again to start LIVING again.

For so long, I’ve been required to live within certain limitations.

Not being able to sing, write songs, perform, dance, or handle moderate to major physical movement for so long has programmed me to live delicately.

And, not feeling totally myself in my mind and in my soul has caused me to live delicately, too.

And yes. Whether I like it or not, for the time being, I do have limitations. I accept that fact. I understand my limitations and I am working through them, with the help of wonderful doctors and brilliant therapists around me.

And I will not give up until I restore myself to my full capacity.

But what about the moments in between?

Time to start breaking out and figuring out how to make those in betweens as passionate and full as the things I’m striving to restore. Or, as my dear friend Kati would say, time to “make mundane magical.” Is there room in your life for you to do the same?



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