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Youth Voice Highlight series Part 1 – Meet Lizzie Sider (IBPA)

Published by International Bullying Prevention Association

Jun. 22, 2017

Today is Part 1 of our Youth Voice Highlight series. Meet Lizzie Sider,19, founder of Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day, Inc., who will be presenting at #IBPANash in November! Lizzie is a top 40 Nashville recording artist, who was bullied as a child, and has visited over 400 schools nationwide, engaging students about bullying, cyber bullying and how to deal with it. Sider has been featured on Fox News National TV. Her bully prevention video is in more than 3,600 schools, in all 50 states and beyond, representing over 2,400,000 children. She has presented for NC School Counselors, AASA, AFSA and NCEA, and published articles for AFSA, NASSP and National PTA.

Lizzie says, "The best tip I have for working with youth on bullying prevention, is for adults to always listen and be aware. We all learn more and become aware of more when we listen. So, engage with youth, treat them with respect and dignity, and listen and become aware of what is going on with them. Then, with that info at hand, adults can more effectively formulate a bully prevention plan for their particular situation."

You definitely don't want to miss Lizzie's session on Monday, November 6! Register for the conference here:

Hitting The High Notes With Empathy & Kindness

IBPA (International Bullying Prevention Association) Annual Conference

November 5-7 | Nashville, TN


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