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Having recently turned 18, and very proud to be a Top 40 Nashville Country Chart recording artist, I have personally visited and performed my own Bully Prevention Assembly at more than 350 schools across many states including California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, Washington DC and New York.

I was teased and ridiculed in early elementary school, excluded from games at recess, nobody would sit with me at lunch, and I was frequently and habitually made fun of.  I felt a lot of hurt and pain, and now I want to help other kids who are experiencing being bullied.

Bully prevention items-pkg 12-7-15This package includes my professionally produced 36 minute Bully Prevention Video,  that closely tracks the content of my live assembly.  I am the host,  with my studio audience of about 23 students, aged 10-15.

This package also includes my own Booklet of Discussion Questions to assist teachers, counselors and principals open up bully prevention conversations with their students, as well as Certificates of Completion that I designed to be personalized for each student.

Through my Not For Profit Foundation, we are currently offering to elementary and middle schools, summer camps and other youth organizations throughout the country, this incredible copyrighted package, for free.

In just a short time, we already have over 3,300 schools, representing more than 2,250,000 students in all 50 states, and beyond, who have requested and are using this program.