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Published by AXS Entertainment

May 12, 2014

Article by Lisa L. Rollins

Lizzie Sider is a 15-year old country artist who is on a California state wide assembly tour to promote bullying prevention. During the two-month tour, Lizzie will visit over 80 schools! On her tour, she is also spreading her new song, Butterfly!

Fifteen-year old Lizzie Sider has made great gains in her quest to become one of the hottest female country artists. And in the process, she’s managed to score HateBraker Hero status for her efforts to combat bullying.

Lizzie Sider, 15, is a HateBraker Hero, thanks to her anti-bullying efforts via her music. SoMuchMooreMedia used with permission.

In addition to being honored by the nonprofit HateBrakers, Sider will be the featured entertainer at the second annual HateBraker Heroes Awards on Monday, May 19, at the Hilton Frontenac in St. Louis, Mo. During the ceremony, Sider will be the featured entertainer, her PR rep reported in a May 10 email, where she will perform her original song, “Butterfly,” a tune she co-wrote about her own experiences of being teased, ridiculed and excluded by other children and how she overcame the pain. As for her HateBraker Hero honor, Sider’s captured the recognition because of her work to help others overcome the horrors of being bullied, as well as for her own moral courage to become a leader and a role model in the quest to raise awareness of, and to help stop, bullying. “I am humbled to be a role model for so many young people,” Sider told Examiner on May 12. “It is such an honor and a privilege.” As part of her self-initiated campaign to promote bullying prevention, Sider has toured schools in California, Texas and Florida to present assemblies in which she shares her own personal stories of teasing with students. At these assemblies, she shared her message that above all else, “Nobody has the power to ruin your day!” At the end of the 2013-2014 school year, Sider will have met with nearly 100,000 students. Susan Balk, founding Director of HateBrakers, said via a media release, “Lizzie mustered the courage to rise above bullying and tell her story to the world. Whenever a room full of children hear her sing ‘Butterfly,’ about how she stopped hiding and learned to fly, they understand that they can do it, too. She’s a powerhouse of healing, and she’s not even old enough to drive!” For more info on Sider, who’s currently working on her first full-length studio album for release later this year, please visit her official website.

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