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Country singer Lizzie Sider shares anti-bullying message with Yadkin County students (Yadkin Ripple)

Published by Yadkin Ripple

Apr. 26, 2017

Article by Kitsey Burns Harrison

Country singer Lizzie Sider shares her experiences with school bullies to students of Fall Creek and Forbush elementary schools. - Kitsey Burns Harrison | Yadkin Ripple

Students and teachers sing along with Lizzie Sider at an anti-bullying rally held at Fall Creek Elementary School. - Kitsey Burns Harrison | Yadkin Ripple

Country singer Lizzie Sider paid a special visit to Yadkin County students on April 26. The 18-year-old singer/songwriter and Nashville recording artist spoke to students of Fall Creek and Forbush elementary schools about bullying.

Sider has a non-profit foundation dedicated to bully prevention and is on a national tour bringing her positive message of anti-bullying to schools.

“I’ve toured the country, over 350 schools around the country, talking to elementary and middle school students about bullying,” Sider said as students began filing in to hear her sing.

“I’m so excited for this one today,” Sider added. Hailing from Florida, she said this was her first time visiting North Carolina.

Fall Creek Principal Kelly Byrd Johnson said the children had been excited all week leading up to Sider’s visit. She said the students had been doing lessons throughout the week that line up with Sider’s positive message.

“We’re really focusing on taking care of each other and being kind to each other,” she said.

School Counselor Lynn Bentley added, “We are very grateful to Lizzie. We are just over the moon excited about her being here.”

The children decorated the school with colorful butterflies in honor of one of Sider’s songs.

“I think the butterfly is a beautiful metaphor,” Sider said. “You start as a caterpillar, a cocoon and then you grow wings. It’s always there, it’s always inside of you, it’s just a matter of time when you’re going to come in to your own.”

“My mission here today is just to talk to the kids about bullying and hear their stories and let them know that they’re not alone,” Sider continued. “They’re all beautiful, unique and special. You have that power within yourself to overcome whatever you’re going through.”

As she spoke with students she had them express their thoughts on why people may choose to bully others and how they can move forward from that and not take mean-spirited comments to heart.

“My main message is nobody has the power to ruin your day,” Sider said. “That’s what my dad told me when I was going through my own bullying experiences in elementary school.”

Students and teachers got in on the action as Sider lead a sing-a-long complete with tambourines and maracas.

For video coverage of Lizzie Sider at Fall Creek Elementary School, visit

Kitsey Burns Harrison may be reached at 336-679-2341 or on Twitter or Instagram @RippleReporterK.


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