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Life is what WE CHOOSE to make it.

Today started out kind of “blah” for me and nothing really held my interest.

So I decided to grab my yoga mat, head outside into the bright Florida sunshine, and do a short practice.

My body relaxed and stretched and so did my mind!

I followed that with a meditation full of gratitude.

I closed my eyes and smiled with my face, my mind, my heart, and my LIVER!

(*Eat Pray Love reference)

I opened my eyes and the first thing I thought of was how amazing it looked outside today.

The trees, the sky, the sound of the water the birds.

I thought of my friends in different places all around the country and the world and how much I loved them.

I thought of my family and how grateful I was for them.

I felt a lightness in my being.

I thanked God for the gift of this day and of life itself.

ALL I HAD TO DO was get up and put myself in a place to find light and inspiration.

THEN, when I put myself there, goodness came flooding into me.

It’s a lot like being at the “right place at the right time.” You can’t be at the right place at the right time until YOU PUT YOURSELF there first.

And when you do, a whooole lotta good will tumble into your life.

Our lives can totally be what we make them, but it requires us taking the first step.


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