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As things come and go,

as life weaves in and out,

as faith dwindles and rises,

as light shines and fades,

through it all, the one thing that we must always hold on to is Hope.

No matter what, Hope must always illuminate our paths.

It’s really easy to forget about it. Or to lose it completely.

Sometimes, the unknown or the hard or the painful or the long or the scary can do that.

But if we hold on to Hope,

if we keep it above the water,

if we protect it from the storms,

if we treat it with fragility,

even when it feels impossible to do so,

then, even when it feels like all is lost,

or different,

or unsteady…

We will still have Hope.

And Hope is what will bring us upward, and outward, and onward.

Don’t forget about Hope.

Keep it at your heart center and never, ever let it go.


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