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Photos from Kelly Elementary School!

Kids don’t choose to grow up in a mean or belittling environment or become mean themselves. They would choose happiness, peace and harmony. But they do need our example and guidance, and relatable tools they will embrace that remind them of the importance of being kind to others.

We had a great assembly at KELLY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, and made some lasting memories!

And, very soon, I look forward to sharing my “Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day” Bully Prevention DVD Package with schools everywhere!

Letters and drawings from Kelly Elementary School, asking me to visit their school.

Behind the scenes - my "green room" with beautiful and TASTY treats! Thank you, Kelly!

My green room door with none other than... John Jacobson and his incredible Music Express Magazine!

One of my awesome new friends, Brianna. She has an incredible story!

Brianna and friends singing Butterfly before the assembly!

Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day!

My high-powered and very expressive teacher band, lead by Mr. Eugene.

My awesome student band!

Butterfly wings during "Butterfly"! (I am sitting for the whole assembly because my ankle was injured!)

Visiting and hugs after the assembly!

Making memories at Kelly Elementary School :)


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