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The #1 thing I’ve learned throughout this journey — POSITIVE ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!

My car accident that caused my head injury was almost 2.5 years ago, and almost 2.5 years later, I’m still knee deep in my recovery. From daily head aches and pain to tight muscles to lesser cognitive function to not feeling like me to the fear of not having a full recovery to being unable to sing and perform to how long everything is taking to my heart strings being yanked over and over again.... there’s a lot that can get a girl down.

And it has. I’m human. Even though no(thing) has the power to ruin my day, it has totally ruined my day at times. But, I have realized, over and over again, that HOPE and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE are the most important things. Without these things, I don’t know what this journey would look like. I would have given up a long time ago and given in to the little voice telling me that this is my new normal and that I was stuck.

When you are faced with hardships, especially long, drawn out hardships, it’s SO important to keep your head up. To keep going. To believe in hope and to believe in the GOOD that is to come. Otherwise, we sink and sink and sink, and our chances of coming out the other side just got that much slimmer.

This recovery is not easy. This journey has not been easy. But I am SMILING through it. I am HOPEFUL. I am STUBBORN in the best possible way: there’s no way this will get me down. I am unsinkable. And so are you!!!


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