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Girls Making a Difference: Meet Anti-Bullying Advocate Lizzie Sider! (BYOU Magazine)

Published by BYou Bagazine

Sept. 25, 2014

Article by Debra Guano

Photo by Darryl Nobles.

During October 2014, also known as National Bullying Prevention Month, we honored three amazing teen girls in our “Girls Making a Difference” feature that are working to prevent bullying; one of those girls is Lizzie Sider.

In elementary school, Lizzie Sider was teased and ridiculed. Today, this 17-year-old country singer/songwriter from South Florida visits schools and leads anti-bullying assemblies. She has also started her own non-profit, ‘Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day.‘ To date, Lizzie has visited and performed at more than 350 schools and addressed more than 250,000 kids, their parents, and educators by educating them on bullying and how her life has changed from bullying.

Lizzie has become extremely popular over the last few years and has created some tools to help those who she cannot reach at the moment. She has created a FREE anti-bullying package that includes a video of her program, education and teaching materials, ‘How to Discuss Bullying’ booklet for in-class discussions, and wrist bands for every student and faculty member with her slogan, “Nobody has the power to ruin your day.” Over 1000 schools have signed up to receive her bullying prevention package! CLICK HERE if you’re interested in receiving her bullying prevention package for your school.

Lizzie not only spreads her message by visiting schools, but by singing her heart out. Her newest single, “Like A Girl” is a great girl power anthem. Check out her lyric video below:

During the 2014 – 2015 school year, Lizzie visited ten cities across the country where she spoke for a week in each and fully emerged herself into that community to promote her message of bullying prevention. Check out her website,, for more information.

Read more about Lizzie Sider and other Girls Making a Difference in BYOU Magazine’s Fall 2014 issue, featuring Rowan Blanchard. You can download it digitally for $2.99 when you install the no-cost BYOU Magazine app on iTunes, Android, or Amazon and start your trial subscription.


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